Thanking about trying this

I’m trying to come up with a small list of spirits that will help me with earth energies and I would like to research them and then do a long-term Pathworking with at least 3 entities. The only two requirements is that the entities are fairly easy to work with (as my weakness is earth elements) and they are flexible in terms of what can be offered to them. I already work with the witches’ Horned God quite a bit (whom I personally call the Devil since I am using mainly British Trad Craft sources for my inspiration) and I’m starting to gain an interest in Belial.

Any nature, earthly, harvest, herbalism, metal or plant deities or spirits are what I’m aiming for. I have 2 Goetias (Keys of Solomon & Demonaltry version) so I have the Goetic options at my fingertips but I would like to consider other options. Basically I’m having trouble figuring out what “resonates” with my desires to grow stronger in this area.

You best bet may be evoking the elemental king of earth and asking him directly for assistance. This way you be directed to spirits who can teach you in the way that works best for you.


Agreed. Call upon the gnome king