Thanking a God/Goddess

I’m sorry if this has been asked many times but I was wondering what’s a way to show gratitude for a deity in your life?

I did a brief search but found little apart from public thanking threads. I want something a bit more personal and private.

I’ve been reaching out for help lately and within a few days I’ve felt surges of positive energy and other fortunes such as getting my health care situated. Things are beginning to fall into place. I lack the materials to create an altar as I have no actual residency at this time and I can’t really burn anything due to living in public.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you and happy holidays.

A simple prayer from the heart is usually sufficient.

You can also make an offering in their name. You said you have no residence at the moment, but you can make a charitable donation to something the spirits are close to, for example, if you were thanking Bast, you could leave out some food for the neighbourhood strays, or volunteer some time at an animal shelter.

Remember, offerings of thanks do not have to be material things like food or drink. It can be art or poetry, or, as explained above, a donation to a cause close to their heart.