Firstly I see a lot of new faces here. Welcome those of you whom have just began your paths, and I truly hope that you are enjoying them.

For those who know me, whats up guys! I miss talking to all of you.

Being it is Thanksgiving in America where I am from, I want to illustrate something that is on my mind. That is how thankful I am to have discovered magick and all that comes with it. I am thankful for all of you who have helped pointed me in the right directions when I first began and assisted in my foregoing ascension in spirituality when I did not know what to do.

I have come such a long way since then, and my entire life has changed in so so so many ways that I can never repay to so many entities and people. Technically I am not supposed to be on the forum right now.

Around September of this year at the peak of my magickal abilities and esoteric successes, an entity who I was never drawn to finally came to me. He had illustrated to me that my entire life had been made of magick (which I knew) but that I was so unbalanced that I must come back to reality. My guides and this entity had shown me a future in which I do not want if I continued to use only magick to attain the life that I want. Basically, they explained to me that I was relying too much on magick, and I needed serious grounding. At least one year, of no magick, meditation, or evocation. I can read, but no practice. I am a smart guy, but I guess the occult was taking me over and parts of it were actuallly blocking my sharpness and street smarts that was beginning to prevent me from maneuvering the way I have to to get to where I want.

I had risen to higher realms, and brought those powers to the physical plains, but with that I was losing control of my conscious mind by succumbing too much to the subconscious mind… I was losing balance.

Well I admit what they have said is apparently true, and after magick laid the foundation to build upon, now I am using my normal human ability to attain what I am after… ugh I cannot wait for this to be over. I miss the occult so fucking much.

However with all of this said, I just wanted to touch base and say thank you to all whom I have befriended on this forum. I miss you guys. You all know who you are. I hope you’re all getting to where you would like to be as well. Happy Thanksgiving



:hugs: aw! Happy thanksgiving!
I am thankful for Lucifer’s light and all the entities I came to know!


Sounds great that you are making all that progress and it may sure be a good thing with some group ding If you have delved to deep in the occult for some time.
”Equally balanced, as all things should be” as Thanos said(;.

Still some grounding to do it seems(;
Gl to you with all your endevors


But don’t give up meditation man, If u stop building it up U will come back 2 square 1 after a year. Most of It needs regular fueling.


Happy thanksgiving


I know I know. I meditate once a week for maintenance, but I have to listen to my guides as crazy as I think they are at times. Everytime I think their advice makes no sense, by the next year it allllll played out exactly as they said it would.


Good luck and happy Thanksgiving. :smirk:

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So proud of how far you’ve come! Listen to your guides and you won’t go wrong. It’s tricky to balance both but it’s great you see the error and are taking action. You’ll be back in no time :smiley:

Good luck!