Thank You to the Great Sitri

I’ve been spreading my love for Sitri after amazing he work he did for a client a few weeks back. I’ve already typed this before, so here’s a quoted version for time’s sake.
“A client of mine asked for a girl to be uncontrollably in lust in with him. No love, no feelings, just pure sex. I knew right away Sitri would be the right one to call, so I evoked him under the moon of Friday, He appeared in a fire I had built. We made out agreement as payment for his work (part of it was to spread his name and power) then I let him return to his abode. 2 weeks later I hear from the guy and his girl is a brand new woman. She’s constantly horny compared to how she was. Went from weekly hook ups, to nightly. So thank you Sitri for your hard work.”


necromancy. the girlfriend isn’t real.

nice , but Sitri is not just for sex