Thank you to lucifer

huge skin problem. was taking medicine for it but it just wasn’t getting better. asked lucifer a couple days ago to please help me out with it and get rid of it (acne but terrible… skin infection…) and its been about three days its almost COMPLETELY Gone. It was really affecting my self esteem, making me cry every day and now I can actually go out in public. Just an appreciation post


Thats quite incredible. Congrats!


cool who needs proactive skin cream when you have Lucifer :+1:


oh and on beauty more specific feminine hygiene and cosmetics call upon Azazel as he is the one who taught women how to use make up


I will remember this. I suffered from a skin condition last year which left me with 1-2 hrs sleep in a day for around 8 months…ironically after the condition kicked in… I watched a movie called Apartment 212 in which a girl suffers from sleeplessness because of skin allergy… weird… didn’t know Lucifer can heal too.

Glad you got over it.

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yes he is an angel after all and they heal aka protect…:innocent:


True but everyone’s go-to angel for healing is Raphael for healing right :slight_smile:

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because they forget who Lucifer is and think he is a red horned demon he is the angel of light…


Congrats! I’m glad you’re good and safe now!
Taka care of yourself!

So happy for you. Lucifer=skin care :wink:

I see I need to have a talking with him. I literally fail at even putting on lipstick. :sweat_smile: nail polish too. Then again I never seem to need make up.


well if you have natural beauty let it show but Azazel in the book of Enoch is the one who taught beauty and the art of cosmetics causing lust and adultery…


I usually feel that I’m hideous. But I do have very nice natural beauty. I’m just chubby, which I’m working on (I’d like to be skinnier so I can look nice in clothes that fit my style.) But that’s really cool to know. :slight_smile:

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