Thank you to Lucifer For helping me get through my jaw surgery

A little over 4 weeks ago I had double jaw surgery, I was so nervous, fast forwarding to the surgery day we went up the elevator, my father and I. The nerves started kicking in as we got higher and higher up to the floor where pre- op is, I even teared up a little :sweat_smile:. Lucifer then began to tell me it’ll be ok.

Lucifer: “Don’t worry my son, I will be right by your side during the whole duration of your procedure. You are stronger then you think my child.”

Now I’m changing into my gown and at this point I feel oddly calm, no medications were given to me yet but I feel very very calm at this point for some reason, and I think I know why. :wink:

Fast forward about 4 , 4 and a half hours I wake up in recovery, and I hear him again along with a hand resting on my shoulder… a few minutes after I woke up:

“I’m proud of you my son…”

So! Moral of this story is I just wanted to write a little thanks to Lucifer! He’s always been there for me in times like this and this was a time I really was thankful for the mental help(calming down in pre op, and a bit of pep talk like always :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for taking the time to read my short story guys!

As always,



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