Thank You St. Expedite (If it was you...)

This is a “just in case” thank you post to St. Expedite.

On Wednesday, during my morning planetary and angelic prayers, I asked Archangel Michael to help with a financial situation that has been stuck for months. About an hour later I randomly stumbled upon a “thank you St. Expedite” thread on the Rune Soup Premium Members Forum. I figured I was being re-directed to the spirit that best suited for my situation and that could definitely get the job done.

That night, I officially asked St. Expedite to help me and offered to build him an altar with usual stuff people offer him and I also offered to perform a 9-day novena beginning Monday 12/28.

Yesterday evening, while hanging out with some members of my extended family, I was given a $50 Target gift card. I immediately ordered a book shelf and red table cloth for his altar.

Later on in the evening I reached out to a tarot client of mine that is in the hospital waiting for a heart and kidney transplant. She told me she was hoping for a Christmas miracle. I told her I would petition St. Expedite on her behalf. I just thought about him, her situation and kind of imagined her getting the news that a donor was found and that she would be getting a replacement heart and kidney.

Last night before bed I spoke to St. expedite again and told him that I had ordered the shelf for his altar and that upon completing my original petition he would get a statue put on the altar along with pound cake, praises and the usual.

A couple hours ago I got a text from my client letting me know that the doctors found a donor for her and that she is now on the list to get the transplants.

I was blown away because I didn’t even formally petition St. Expedite but just in case he overheard me talking to my client I am leaving this thank you post.

Thank you for your intervention St. Expedite! A friend of mine needed you in an emergency and you delivered big time.



I am thinking of petioning him again tomorrow. The first time I did I had zero luck :confused:

Definitely try again

I love love love Saint Expedite! He always comes through in the best ways.

I started to build an altar to St. Expedite and made good on my word to him to do a 9-day Novena.

I offered him a shot of rum yesterday and got my stimulus check this morning.

I was expecting it to go to my ex-wife but it came straight to me.

Had to give St. Expedite his props!

Thank you good sir!