Thank you sallos!

I have worked with him twice in the past month about a specific person. The first time I don’t think I got enough into it. The second time, about two weeks later, I really felt his presence it was wild and invigorating. It made me feel so happy to get a response from him. Anyway, I promised that if he gave me this one specific thing by tonight I’d praise him publicly and he has!! It’s so difficult for me to just “put it out of my mind so it can work” like you all have said. I mean like absolutely impossible, I just don’t work like that, but I’ve tried. Anyway, I feel so relieved that he is helping me out with this. I also kind of did something that showed him that I fully trust his abilities finally. THANK YOU SALLOS


Wow that’s amazing! So what happened if you don’t mind me asking?

Hail sallos!