Thank you Salas'ash

I tried to open his sigil last night and for some reason I couldn’t. No matter what I did. I even lit a candle and turned the lights off. I couldn’t do it.

I was so despondent I just cried to him and told him I needed help. The flame of the candle started flickering each time I said his name. After a few times of it happening, I stopped crying and felt better.

This morning a gift card I was waiting for showed up. Not a lot, but it’s saving my ass. Another money situation fell through this morning, but the gift card I was waiting on was stuck until I spoke to Salas’ash. I will work more on my gazing and try working with others for money.

My only question is that the book says NOT to ask for exact things so I didn’t (what I got wasn’t close to what I legitimately need at all). Another poster asked for specifics and got exactly what they wanted. By the way, I promised to write on the forum when he helped me, so I am fulfilling my promise.