Thank you Purson

In regards to my situation I will share briefly and in a general way. I have had a bit of a rough road where my ex wife and our children are concerned. I have been in the court process for a few years now and it has not gone my way. I am new to magic and living in the LHP. Only about a year and a half old here. With that said, I have put in some effort and have sought knowledge. I came across Purson. I have ask for Puson’s help and guidance in the last two court hearings. Last months hearing showed me favor as did today’s hearing. So I publicly wanted to say thank you Purson for allowing me to work with you and for helping me gain some favor in my situation. Purson has come through for me and I am sure worked to see that I have some favor. It is still a long road ahead, but we are ready to put the work in to get the results we are seeking. Purson is a great deity to have in your corner considering court dealings. Also making sure you are doing the right thing to get the results you seek. Team work makes the dream work. Blessings.:pray: