Thank you Lucifer

Letter to Lucifer

I came to you for knowledge. I ask you help me overcome my acedemic struggles. It’s only the beginning and I need you direly. But I felt your presence, and help me you shall. I will repeat the ritual until my classes are over. It is you who shall lead me to wisdom and the freedom that comes along with it.

Thanks for being there during the ritual. Thanks for letting me know you’ll be there as I gazed at the night sky. Thank you for giving me the strength to say “I can do it!” I cherish all help along my way to a better, richer, healthier life independent and far from my current dwelling. The change will not be easy but it will be what I need most. I already felt your power today; I felt as if I learnt in your light. I really need to pass the math class so I’m glad that you’re helping me retain new knowledge and ignite old understandings. Even if it’s just the motivation that’s from you, I will utilize your power for my benefit and yours to be.

Ave Lucifer! May the Morning Star guide my path.


How are you doing now sweetheart