Thank you Lord Lucifer

I would like to Thank you Lord Lucifer for all he has done for me. I use to be afraid of the dark and could barely sleep at night. I was also always tired and unhappy. I was depressed and always on the verge of breaking down and crying. Finally, thanks to Lord Lucifer, I am at peace. I am getting full night of sleep. I am also happier. Thank you Lord Lucifer. I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you so much.


Please be aware that we have a dedicated thread for the thanking of spirits, as opening separate threads for small posts like this every time clutters up the forum;


Thank you

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Lucifer is awesome ,since I connected with him I’ve just been naturally happier without even trying, and ofcourse it’s hasn’t been just spiritual but real results as well !

Thanks for sharing!

@DarkestKnight I second that.