Thank you King Paimon

Hi everybody.So I need to publicly thank King Paimon because yesterday he did something funny and really made my day.On recent threads I posted up my story so I’m just going to be brief. Before my ex husband went nuts and turned on me and our kids we had a pretty amazing life, as in we were very rich. I took care of everyone in my family.My sisters , brothers , parents.Made sure everyone had a degree Atleast.Built my parents a house etc .Funny thing is I don’t even have a degree yet .Anyways long story short so after my ex husband completely went psycho, started, sleeping with minors etc and all that crap happened and he took everything.My kids and I were left with nothing . So I had to move in with my parents. My younger brother was living with me so he also had to move to my parents.This boy is 28 years and has never done shit for himself, literally. I took him to the best private university which we later learned he wasn’t even attending. Paid tuition fees for nothing.He wasted everything.
Anyways, so since my lifestyle changed and I can’t really provide the luxuries anymore, my brother treats me like crap. He calls me names and even said one time, no wonder your husband ran from you and slept with children. I couldn’t believe it .So I told my mom I never want to talk to him again and he should just stay away from me.So yesterday night I was taking a shower and he was doing laundry . When I saw him I got so pissed and said, I wish King Paimon would make that machine break down.
When I got out of the shower, the house was flooded with water :joy::joy::joy::joy: .The washing machine broke down and he was going crazy trying to dry everything.Hahaha I couldn’t stop laughing.
Hail King Paimon and Thank You so much…


Ave Rex Paimon! :joy:

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Thanks for sharing!

Amazing hahaha

I’m sorry for what you are going through. Are you okay?

Atleast my kids and I are ok health wise. Am still waiting on King Paimon to deliver for me a major win . I need my ex to agree on my divorce terms . I am very hopeful and I know he will do this for me .To be honest, I’ve seen some very dark days but now I feel there’s hope. I have so much trust in King Paimon.

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