Thank you, King Paimon

As recent experiences have transpired over the course of about eight weeks, an abundance of much needed change has entered my life. Subtleties I’d failed to recognize earlier from spirits due to a lack of experience have unearthed themselves. And while my misted veil is still unfurling its wings from my visage, I’d like to take some time to properly thank a certain being whom has assisted me in a great time of need. As I’ve already discussed with him, details on how he’s aided me will remain undisclosed for the time being.

Alas, I didn’t feel simple thank you was enough, so I have dedicated a piece with great esteem. A piece kn which he has compelled me to complete. With this my journey of enlightenment begins. Thank you, King Paimon.

(Green will be added as a background. Felt it was time for thanks was now)


Great work and thanks for sharing!

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