Thank you king paimon and president camio

So I’m at college for programming/coding whatever you wish to call it.

And at lunch I got the worst headache because I was focusing so hard before lunch

So I prayed to king paimon to help provide calmness and confidence throughout the rest of the day (I did a prayer as in this current setting that is literally all I can do lol)

And as soon as I ended the prayer, the headache completely stopped! Lol

Now I have this urge in me to get a lot more work done…

Apparently it was with added help by president camio since I made a pact with him to be my partner in helping me for the remainder of the school year.

Thank you president camio.

And thank you king paimon.

Insane how fast king paimon acts though jeez

P.s I am worried of failing despite hearing my deities “you’re gonna do fine”

Then I hear one of the spirits I’m working with idk who exactly it sounded like president camio from the last time I spoke with him “no it’s fine just let me handle it and do your own thing…”

Me after: but what if I get more bad grades it’s gonna deduct it from the-

President camio: …stop it… relax you’re over working yourself boy!


I just felt a wave of calmness the king paimon: just relax!!

Over all I am pretty sure the spirits I’m working with for school are like “I got you just chill”:joy:


Rest a bit after class! Try to not get burnt out.

Don’t worry, as long as you study, take proper notes when you can, do the research etc, you’ll be just fine. :+1:t5:

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