Thank You King Belial

Praise to Belial for services rendered and help received. I will be keeping my promise to you, Good King.

My gratitude for His awesomeness during this pact period; well hell, from day one he contacted me, has been so beyond for me, i have plans for other Pacts with other Beings- and in a way I can see the discomfort monotheists would feel and especially if you were 'brought up by a “jealous” god- you could be gunshy. But i know he will be cool about it- he recognises life is like a college for humans- in order to get our degrees we have to go from class to class professor to professor. Besides, there will be other pact periods with Belial- which i am also looking foreward to.

I’m sure he will. Based on what others have said, it seems there are times they want your undivided attention (IMO because you need all of your focus for the work they’re giving you), but mostly don’t mind you working with others. I’d think he’ll let you know which case applies.

And that’s post #100, lol.