Thank you guys

Just wanted to thank this forum for the help you guys have given me and the support, I rarely have gotten that in my life, so I am very thankful…:slight_smile:


I assume magic is working for you. That’s great, mate! Hope you keep us updated on the great stuff you’re doing.

yes Lucifer has been an incredible teacher and helpful friend, :slight_smile: when evoking eternity comes, i will work on evocation

Being new here myself I understand how cool it is to find a place where I can feel welcome and comfortable. The assistance here is great. :smiley_cat:


Yeah, it’s been a while since the last time I felt like that on an online community (last time was 9 years ago on a music forum), also, I’m very happy to know that you, @StrengthenedWarrior is having a good time with him, I find your user name and the fact you work with Lucifer extremely amusing

tbh i think me and him have a lot more in common than i think…lol…i did feel a very familiar energy