Thank you Gremory

About 6 months ago I opened Gremorys sigil and asked for a specific thing to come to pass. I don’t want to go into any details about what it was but it did involve sex. After six months had passed I kind of gave up on the idea of it happening so I left gremory an offering out of respect and thanked the spirit for trying to help me. 24 hours after that the thing I had asked for happened! I found that rather strange. I also promised gremory public praise if it came to pass so here it is! Thank you gremory!! Also, does anyone have any opinions on why it happened this way? Six months and nothing. When I gave up on the outcome and left gremory an offering out of respect ,24 hours after that it came to pass ??? Was it the fact I let go of the outcome or was it the offering?


You detached your self from the situation! Congrats! That’s how magic works! Ask for something and forget you even asked! Just let it go! The energy will not move when you consciously holding on to it.


That makes sense. Thanks for the reply MiKu

Congrats! I was just reading up on Gremori; I think Gremori may be the best choice for what I plan to ask for.


Was it because i let go of the outcome or the offering? Both really. Some rituals take time. The offering is important as it shows gratitude to the deity which is important for a continued relstionship.

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Can I ask what you offered?

All I offered was a cup of water calib

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Yes, letting go means removing the strain in your vibration relative to your goal and, as far as I know, it almost instantly allows the manifestation. I’ve noticed this in pretty dramatic ways a few times and in several less dramatic ways on a day-to-day basis. Fact is, you’re always manifesting instantly but only according to the structure of your consciousness.


Gremory is really powerful. She prefers the name Gomory though.


Quick update: since my first post I’ve had incredible success with women on a very regular basis, way more than “usual” and even my friends have noticed how much more success I’ve been having :joy: so once again I’d like to thank gremory!


Gremori is an amazing entity. I’m working with her on getting an ex back and I’m blown away by the results! She’s also pretty friendly, a nice warm presence. Hail Gremori!

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She’s efficient and appreciates effort too - which is why it makes sense that the offering swung the scales.

Gamori is a Top. She knows how to handle things correctly and bring them to a balance. She is wiser than all of us. Hail Glorious Gamori :purple_heart: