Thank you Gremori!

I recently worked with Gremori on a love matter and have seen great and definite results! Hail Gremori!!! I highly suggest working with this powerful and strong spirit. I used a ritual from the book Demon’s of Magick by the Gallery of Magick. Thank you again Gremori!! It was great working with such an honorable and powerful spirit.


If you could elaborate more on what she did?

I second that, Tell in details what happened!

She made the person I’m seeing tell me he’s not spending time with any other women romantically, and that he misses me when he’s not with me.


She brought my lover to me and made him say he misses me when he was apart from me.


Oh Great!! Happy for you!!
Can you Give us updates regularly on how this all goes for you?

He helped me too! Hail Gremori!

Hail Gremory!


Gremori is amazing! Such a friendly and gentle presence. She’s helping me get an ex back, and I genuinely feel like she wants to help me! I feel so comfortable working with her now, she does what I ask her to without any nasty side effects. One of my favorites, if not my favorite, Daemon!


Indeed, I called on her regarding a love interest I have that’s somewhat forbidden for the time being.

We can’t be together given certain circumstances (my code) yet the warmth between us is constantly growing. I never thought I’d find a person who I could intellectually connect with in an intimate way as I did with my ex fiance. She’s that person now.

I sort of friend zoned her until the option is available and she’s giving me signs of interest in the most subtle ways that she can’t hide.

I didn’t think there was anyone relationship worthy left but if I ever did go back to monogamy she’d be a candidate. Until then I’m loving exactly what I asked for. Feels good being the next tree branch the proverbial monkey grabs onto before she lets go of the one she was on.

Not really aspiring to it either, it’s a strange, warm indifference