Thank you God

I want to thank God for all the wonderful things he has done for me throughout my life. I have never went hungry nor cold before. I have never been ill, except for small occurrences in the far past.

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Didn’t you have a journal already?

Doesn’t look like a different theme to start another one. I think @Lady_Eva should merge this with either your journal or the thank the spirits here megathread.

To be fair. @ReyCuervo Let them have a clean slate, the other one is filled with back and forth ridiculousness, the same opinions and rules shoved over and over, so if they want to start fresh and follow the rules. I’d let them have it, and let the other one drift into sweet memory of a day long past.


we usually don’t like God, as the forum has probably told you, but I’m glad you found something you like there with em.

now, have fun getting better at magick.


also lots of people here consider satan a friend of theirs, and don’t really consider him needlessly violent, and we’re all collectively pretty sure you internally made your own trouble withing yourself, him uninvolved, not to say that the christian god didn’t clear them, i believe they did.

Which God?