Thank you Duke Dantalion, Belial

This is public praise to them.

Yesterday, There was an important schedule.
They inspect and evaluate my project progress.
My project was being delayed for several reasons, but I wanted to keep a good relationship with them.

But I knew I couldn’t hide the progress itself, so I did magick in a different way.

I did a simple sigil activation magic with Duke Dantalion, Belial.

Despite my progress, I imagined being well-received, laughing, chatting and joking with them.
And I even imagined going to a better relationship through this meeting.

At first they were cynical. But as I focused on the better than the worse, and neutralized the atmosphere with sincere and frank attitudes and silly jokes (LOL), they began to melt.

I’ve been depressed all day, and that’s why this state of mind is clearly what they’ve helped.

Even later they said ‘it’s an impossible schedule. So I’m sorry. If you need any more money, please ask for more.’

I thank the spirits who helped this.