Thank you Duke Buné!❤️

I want to thank the kind Duke Buné for helping by giving my situation a little push :heart:
We are trying to sell my mother’s and aunt’s part of land that was given to them by their father, my grandfather, because of financial needs. For us, it is to fill my tuition for college. People come and like the property but they for some or the other reason, they can’t either buy it, won’t buy it or put an offer for really low rates.
I was so sick and tired and today in the morning, like around 4:30 am to 6 am I tried to ask Duke Buné for help.
Did nothing but simply chanted his name. I didn’t have any sigil. I asked in my mind that if he’s here, then please make his presence known and first, I felt something on my stomach( I was lying down straight). I requested him and promised him I’ll thank him in public. I was very nice and polite with him.
I kept chanting his name and also thanked him for coming but then I guess I slept, and it was like even in my sleep I was chanting his name. I felt a sudden jerk which caused me to wake him , I don’t know what was it but my guess it was him :heart:️ And then I slept peacefully :heart:
And today, around 9 am, a man who we were talking to who said he couldn’t help us, called up my dad and said there’s a buyer and he’s interested.
I want to thank Duke Buné for this little push :heart:️:heart:️
I’m very grateful and I hope everything turns out well :heart:


nice! keep us updated

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I surely will! Do you have any extra tips?

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not really. id just go about life as normal now and see how things play out :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing. Bune is lovely and very accomodating. Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: