Thank you Demon Rosier! Sucess spell and he is back!

I am sorry if my post will be long, and I will ask that you all please won’t judge me, I have to share my experience “3rd successful” actually with demon Rosier.
I was engaged to someone I never loved it was traditional engagement, I tired for 2 years with him but we were completely different each day we had a fight and he live in another country any way we even had different religions and everything was complected, until last November I met my twin flame, I was doing interviews in my company and some guy applied for the position, the first moment I saw him, the world stopped, everything around me became black, in the room full of people it was only me and him looking at each other, I did the interview and our eyes were talking without a world, he called me 2 days later we had dinner, for 5 hours we didn’t talk I only was looking at his eyes and it was something I never ever experienced before a strong connection I never ever had before its beyond the words, we used to spend hours calling, texting and meeting, I called my parents and I said I wanna broke up with my fiance, after 3 months that guy “my twin flame” broke up with me because he applied to some scholarship and he was about to leave 2 months later and it was hard for both of us, he was crying, my heart also was broken and I understood that this love we had was not an easy one, he was scarred actually me too. Still, I gave him one month break without any talking or even a msg, I called him after that weekly to check on him and every time I was trying to get him back but he said please move on, so I moved on, I broke up with my fiance, I blocked that guy I loved, I deleted his number, and I asked Demon Rosier to get him back. So it was 3-4 months of no connection, I did my part, I did it very well, I did all what I could do, with no success.

NOW HERE COME THE GREAT PART: I used 7 days spell, starting from Friday and for 7 days until the candles fully burned, during the spell I WAS IMAGING EXACTLY WHAT I WANT IN ALL AND EACH DETAILS, how I will meet him, how I will hold him, how we will say first hello after all this months, i mean each and every detail. And after the spell done, he texted me at 3 am from his second phone which I didn’t know it was his work number, when I saw his name I was like : OMG !!! and he started telling me that he missed me and he should never leave but he was worried because he used to be very attached to me, so he suggested that we should meet for a dinner, yesterday he came, he left his Metal band doing their first Album contract and he run to me!!! That suppose to be his most important day still he came to me instead!! I wasn’t even believing what the fuck is happening, EVERYTHING HAPPENED EXACTLY LIKE I WANT!!! FROM THE HI TO THE HUG TO THE DINNER and he even stayed one night with me !!! Yes I imagined him sleeping next to me and HE DID!!! All night I was in shock, I was looking at him and I couldn’t believe my eyes! He took me to breakfast and then before leaving he kissed me first time in public!!!
Demon Rosier Thank you for this, it was my offering to post this so I am saying this great successful experience I had !! Demon Rosier thank you :slight_smile:


Which is this spell?
Congrats on your great success!

Can u pls tell me more about this spell pls pls

Welcome @Vishnuno1. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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