Thank You Dantalion and Seere

I would like to publicly thank Dantalion and Seere since this was my part of the deal.
I was charged and need help with my court case. I live in Texas but was charged in Ohio. Since the corona virus has struck I was unable to travel to Ohio and sent a letter to the judge asking for my arraignment to be held on the phone or through video.
I asked Duke Dantalion and Prince Seere to help me with it getting accepted. Instead, they moved my court date forward to August.
When I first called out to Dantalion I felt a presence or a feeling that I knew he was looking at me or listening to me. I started to become obsessed with him and found myself completely happy out of nowhere for no reason sometimes. I could not stop seeing his name on my laptop and once when I was half asleep I heard him saying something to me which resulted in me saying “Dantalion?” and he said “yes” but I do not remember anything else or him saying anything else. Once I started meditating more often I started to feel loving energy when I thought about him throughout the day.
I am a newcomer to this and have not perfected the art of meditation and being able to see or talk to anyone so these two instances have been the closest ive come to talking to them.
When I first called out to Seere he was not as connected to me as Dantalion but I felt him and knew he was listening to me. I have read that he is the 70th spirit of the goetia and appears as a beautiful man on a horse and is to give the caller anything he/she desires. I had a feeling he accepted my plead to him and I believed he would help.

I’d love to develop friendship or relationship with Dantalion and I meditate over his name every night. I feel like he is guiding me but I’m not sure if that is just my own mind misleading me or if its actually Dantalion.
I have asked Dantalion and Seere together to help me with this case and If anyone could give me pointers to help me better connect to them and be able to see and talk to them please let me know!!

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