Thank you, Bune

I just want to publicly thank Bune for helping me with my finances. I made my request sometime in the summer of 2020 and since December I got a new job on top of my first one, that pays more than my normal job. So I have money pouring in like crazy every week, also this second job allows me to work my first one at the same time as there is not much I need to do for this job. I have saved so much money this year, it is unbelievable. Also I invested in crypto and doubled my investment in 24 hours the day I put my money in when dogecoin went through the roof, managed to get my money out before it crashed. I initially did not connect this to Bune but now I know it was her since last weekend I missed booking some shifts for my second job and I would have had no money from it for a week then that night I lit a candle to Bune and next day bam, shifts dropping by accident, the company said they should have not but they had a glitch in the system so I managed to book them. Big thanks to Bune and apologies as I had doubted her !!!
If things continue like this I can buy a house by the end of this year. Paid in full.


Time for more Bune rituals:)

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