Thank you Bran!

December last year I was looking for more info about kundolini meditation on internet and I found BALG website and I was going through all the newsletter archives and thinking to book a consultation with one of the BALG members. Lots of questions were wondering during that time in my head about this spiritual system so I submit a request to zendesk if it would be possible to schedule a email consultation, somehow it was
delaying so I sent a message to Bran on Facebook and he was happy to help.

I booked a personal consultation with him and hired him to perform two rituals for me. He answered all my queries/questions and helped me to awaken my senses and gave me easy to follow pathworking exercise and a solution to get rid of my weakness what I am dealing with.

I am very happy that my main financial problem had been solved with his help and without his guidance it was not even possible for me to start my spiritual journey and I already had my experiences.

He is very understanding, wise and best thing is he will support you until you get your desire result.

For me, consulting with him helped me to fill a huge gap of knowledge and it was motivating and empowering for me. He knows how many mails I had sent to him :slight_smile:

Thank you Bran !

You’re welcome. And good luck with the new job! It’s up to you now!