Thank you Belial&king Zagan

long story short How belial helped me

Let’s start that the boys on my school started a pyro show and i really didn’t do nothing on that later when the school opens they got suspected students they got one by one blah blah blah…later when i got home my mother called me and she told me that i will get a 2 day suspension and that i was not in class (that i was)
b if the suspension will count that means that i will have 74 of the 120 suspension to stay in the same class which thats fucked up

belial did a miracle for me IN ONE DAY
belial resolved my problem later i called my mother for that and she said that the problem is now fixed and ok

How Zagan helped to hide my magick
so many times my parents finded my magick sel written books
my mother finded that books and she put them in table which when she will come from her job she will ask me and other stuff
i asked king zagan to hide my magick
and bam he did and he told to find a good place to hide them which i found
and they forgot that i do magick