Thank you BALG

Whenever I first came to this full forum, I was still discovering who I was when it comes to my own personal power. I didn’t know how to do evocation, I was very inexperienced with invocation, and I was scared to try anything that I hadn’t already done.

Through the time that I’ve been a part of this family, there’s a lot of people who have helped me a great deal, and to you I am eternally grateful. I don’t need to list names, you all know who you are.

Eric, EA, whatever you want to call yourself, as well as Timothy, both of you, thank you. Thanks to this website, this forum, and your teachings, books, seminars, and everything else that you put out, along with all of the authors under the become a living God label oh, you’ve inspired me, you’ve helped me, and you have encouraged me to pursue what it is that I want to do.

I’m starting my own ritual for hire, and no, I won’t advertise here, people will find their way to me eventually. I already have clients, and I’m moving forward in my spiritual path. I’ve Advanced so much since my first post on this site, and I’ve gone through so many Transformations, Revelations, and personal Evolution that if I had the better part of a decade, I don’t think I can cover it all.

So tell everybody within the become a living God family, to everybody that set up the website, to our wonderful moderator at large, and everybody else, thank you.

I hope to see this community Thrive even more than it already has.