Thank you, BALG family

I wanted to share something that i feel needs to be said.

We come from such varied lives, such different backgrounds, and such different schools of magick. Angelic, demonic, draconian, chaos, necromancy. But we are as solid a group as we could ever be.

I am very happy to be a part of this group. And i love each of you as my family.

Thank you all for the support for the recent months, you know who you are and what ive been through, from my personal life, to my journey through suicide and madness. You people have always had my back.

Thank you, all of you, thank you.


Best forum I ran across in a while.
The only reason I found BALG is because this YouTuber I used to troll dedicated a whole show to EA.
A coward who won’t show his face and spouts anti Semitic trash.
Anyways you guys are awesome!

I assume the YouTuber you mention spent the entire show bashing EA.

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One these dogmatic anti Semitic idiots who gets triggered evertime someone makes an OK hand sign.
So i looked up what EA is about.
I have had Liber HVHI from Michael Ford so when I found out that those two work together I was instantly hooked.