Thank you amon and duke sallos for helping me with my ex!

Hi All!

Let me first give you an overview how BAD my situation was. I had tried various spells and prayers nothing worked. My ex had blocked me straight for 5 months on every social media platform and my number. My only contact was email to which he NEVER replied.
We had broken up 8 months ago however I was blocked 5 months ago after intensive fights. Let’s just say he hated me almost

I was still in love.

I petitioned Duke Sallos by changing his enn and evoking him by staring at his Sigil. Then I read out my petition or letter that I wrote to him.

I wasn’t convinced so I also petitioned Amon by drawing his Sigil on a picture of my ex’s face and blew the Sigil a couple of times and read my intention out loud (COME BACK TO ME) and kept it behind my phone cover. (This method I read on somebody else’s post)

17 April is his birthday, I emailed him and didn’t expect a reply but he replied very formally.

18 April is my birthday and he unblocked me and messaged me.

Wow. Truly amazing.

He hasn’t said anything beyond that but he’s being SUPER sweet even on messages and not a cold reply.

I am so very grateful to Amon and Duke Sallos. Thank you thank you thank you

I will petition them again to help me further.

Believe in them. They will help you.

Tomorrow, I shall leave some chocolates and cigarettes and Pepsi for them with a candle near my bed as I don’t have an alter :slight_smile:


Adding to this. I was feeling sad on 17 night as it was his birthday and I crying so so so much.

In tears I just called out Amon, Duke Sallos and Dantelion with their names and said bring him back to me.

I went to sleep and I swear my door opened and closed two times. Could be the wind but I don’t believe in coincidences.
I was a little scared but I just said bring him back to me and went to sleep.

Thank you all. Believe in them guys. That’s all.



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Wow great story!
How do you change Sallos’s enn?

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Sorry I meant chant* it was a typo :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry haha!!

Amazing! Congratulations! Hail Amon, Hail Sallos!!

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How do you petition them?

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@Trib how long did it take after your petition how long was it that you got to see results? Thanks

You sound like a narcissist. @Trib

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Why is she a narcissist? She loves the guy and wants him back. How do we know that someone hadn’t put a breakup spell on them? It happened to me in my situation - 100% someone who was jealous broke us up by putting a spell on us and putting a negative entity in her…had that not of happened we would still be together celebrating our 14th year of love and devotion…


I don’t think so. And I know narcissists.
Congrats, @Trib

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@Trib, can you tell how long after evocation of Sallos, Amon and Datalion things started to work?

I"m thinking it was Sallos that did that. Or maybe it was a combination of the two. I tried the Amon sigil on my phone nearly 3 weeks ago, but haven’t seen any results.

I stared at the Sigil, changed out the enn, when I felt confident, I read out the letter that I wrote for Duke Sallos. It was more like an agreement and petition than a letter :slight_smile:

About 2 weeks :pray:t3:

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About 2 weeks :slight_smile: I had full faith and don’t overthink about the situation

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Not all demons work with us. I petitioned Pomba Gira to help me but she didn’t work with me. You need to try and see who will work with you but the main thing is have faith and don’t doubt them :heart:

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See, now this is the kind of story that makes it all worthwhile. I’ve had great success with Sallos in the past. Hail Sallos!


Did a cat walk across the keyboard…? :thinking: