Thank you Agares!

Just wanted to share… A while ago I shared here that I wanted some scumbags at work exposed and asked the universe before I went to sleep which Demon I should work with for my goal. Woke up in the middle of the night with a name in my head: AGARES. Looked him up and was perfect for exposing liars and bringing down people. I did a working with him and as his sigil was moving a butterfly came to my balcony and sat there for a while, a huge colourful butterfly. Today I found out my working is going towards completion, the bastards are being exposed so was walking in the park with my dog thinking about it and thanking Agares, whispering… when a bat came circling above my head again and again and again… until I laughed and said: Agares, thank you for letting me know you heard me. Then the bat goes… I am someone always looking for proof but had so much proof so thank you Agares again!!!


save, save, save the excellence of Agreas, Aguros, Agares! Always in attention to the caller.