Thank You AGAIN Lucifer

Sorry I couldnt find the main thread for this topic, I just made this one in the meantime. I want to SINCERELY thank Lord Lucifer for opening these things up to me lately… not just opportunities (job interview tomorrow, good news about credit checks for apartments [they’re not as harsh as I thought], my cousin is doing better, and he lead me to the RIGHT class to take this summer (half the price, a fraction of the school time and the same damn pay once i finish and go to work!!!) Im just absolutely thrilled by all of this. I needed this so bad. I havent even done that much for him I dont think. I mean I’ve praised him a lot lately and believed in him and tried to study him and even the scientific info about phosphoros (its amazing you should read about it) and tomorrow I have a MUCH-NEEDED job interview and i’m just so happy right now. if you are struggling, I implore you, go to Lucifer. I promised myself that after the way the past few years have gone (fkng horribly) that I would make 2020 work for ME… But i couldnt have done this without Lucifer’s intervention and I’m forever grateful. I will continue to praise him and tell people how wonderful he is because he is NOT this evil creature of torment that the monotheists would have us believe. He is the TRUE LIGHT BRINGER and I will stick by it until I die and even after. Thank you to anyone who read all this and THANK YOU LORD LUCIFER.


Thanks for sharing!

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thanks for caring :slight_smile: