TGS, Trace States Alternatives?

Okay; been looking around the forum on how to reach these states, been doing the excercises to gaze at the upper corner of a wall, and honestly no idea what else to do.

I know TGS is everything and their were articles and links to them, but they got deleted awhile back I guess.

Are their other alternatives to get into TGS or a trance state like TGS?


Try binaural beats. Some on YouTube Spotify etc. Around 4.5hz

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There are many, many ways to get into a trance state. TGS is just EA’s term for it. One of the simplest is to do some sort of progressive relaxation to quiet the body, and then follow the breath to quiet the mind. Once the mind is quiet, you will be in the Alpha state, and you can deepen it to Theta level by doing some form of countdown, like picturing going down stairs or stepping into an elevator.


I like imagining myself climbing down a ladder, but yeah basically exactly what you said.


It’s possible to sit with hands on knees, close the eyes and do some cycles of fourfold breathing (exhale all the air, inhale counting “one and two and three and four”, pause 1-4, exhale 1-4, pause 1-4).
Then imagine, indeed, to descend ladders, reaching four floors corresponding to Assiah, Briah etc. one after the other: each time, the trance deepens.


A theta gamma sync, is a very specific state. Gamma is not always produced when theta is. So just because one is in theta does not mean one is experiencing the state that happens when both theta and gamma are present.

It also does little good to talk oneself down stairs and the like. That might help one to get to theta… might. Theta is very deep and devoid of much consciousness. More like profound dreaming.

One of the best ways to do this is to get a light and sound machine that you can program. Ramp down into theta over about a 6 minute period. Then, hold that state for another 5 minutes or so. Then overlay bursts of gamma for a few seconds every 5 minutes or so. Max session length for practical purposes is about 45 min.

I recommend using the lights to help you into theta and sounds (square wave) for the gamma bursts. Gamma with lights can look like a solid on light. I use 40 cps gamma generally and can create a tone that is clearly audible for that where the pulsing is clear vs 40 cps light looking like a solid on light.

I hope that helps some.

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Relax, move energy through chakras, focus on one thing, a sound , your breathing . whatever it is use this focus to make your mind dead silent. Do this letting your body fall toward sleep. Out of no where images will pop into you mind or audible voices. Congrats you are there. This can be done with eyes opened as well. That’s my take on it anyway. Good luck. It’s easy!!


Where did you hear about ladders not working. Everyone here used that pretty much

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Well, I’m one of the leading practitioners/trainers in that market.

I didn’t say ladders, I said stairs. And it can help you enter theta, but it won’t necessarily fire off gamma bursts. Theta and gamma are often (not always by any means) mutually exclusive.

Theta with Gamma overlaid is a VERY specific state. People here bat it around as if it is common place. It is anything but. Theta is commonplace. Though it is so deep it takes you doing quite a bit of work to be able to hold it consistently. Gamma is also somewhat common. But the two together are not. That’s why I gave a reliable way of achieving it in my post above. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.

Or maybe I will upload a file that you can listen to that will make it far easier. But it is FAR easier still if you have a light and sound machine that is programmable. Due to the frequency following response that lights and sounds enable, it is easy to reliably enter the state.

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