TGS breakthrough


Wanted to share my experience from last night.
I was laying down and doing a meditation exercise to induce lucid dreaming and past life healing with my “higher self”. But as I was drifting off I was awoken, the feeling itself was foreign to what im used too(I.e. being static rain from induced low theta states that I replicate from marijuana experiences). But my eyes were still closed, and I was breathing way too much, it was nose breathing, and loud. But I heard foot steps in my room so I opened my eyes(being how I live near a ghetto area, I thought someone broke in) and I couldnt see anything with my peripherals. But I as I fixed my gaze to look above me, it was similar to a DMT trip. I saw, in crystal clear vision, a blob that was morphing to different colors and it turnt inside out the colors faded and was replaced with at first was just a pair of eyes looking at me and as I gazed at this being, the aura of said being started becoming physical. I did not panic, I felt i knew this being. I knew it was my “Higher self” It looked quantum, similar to an inter-dimensional being. Sacred geometry was interwaved with its aura.

As the image faded I sat up from my bed, and I could see shades moving around my room, and what also looked like tears in the astral plane to the physical plane. I saw colors swirling around my room and over my altar. I began trying to grasp the higher dimensions I was witnessing first hand, but I was moving too much and I started slipping out of the state.

But damn, it was an amazing experience, Now I just have to replicate it. Haha

But I was curious if anyone else had similar experiences?


With normal meditation no, but I usually get stuff like that when I’m already astral projecting and far away from my body.