TGS and first evocation

Okay, I have been meditating for years and never realized the state I would usually find myself in was already the TGS.

I would just stare at a wall and static rain would appear and sometimes a yellow honeycomb pattern Aswell on the actual wall.

I’ve never ever evoked any spirit before or ever seen one to be honest. I’m ready to finally give this a real go.

My problem is choosing which entity to evoke, I’m unprepared to straightaway evoke Lucifer or Belial but which demon is perfect for beginners? I don’t want to piss anybody off and just want to be eased in so to speak.

I havnt the money to buy E.A’s course on evocation but have read he has a recommended 1 or 2 spirits to call on first as practice or training.

Any tips guys.

In the evocation course EA uses the spirit Sastan, from his book Kingdoms of Flame, to help open the scrying vision so you can see the spirits as TGS is only the first step and does nothing if your senses aren’t developed to perceive the spirit you call.

I would recommend him. He is great for beginners.

I would also recommend maybe starting with an elemental, rather than a demon straight away. The first full evocation in EA’s course is that of Paralda, the Elemental King of Air, to further develop the senses.


if you are having money issues, why not start with bune? its always a good idea to have a particular task that you want the spirit to do, so id start there


Why don’t you go through the goetia, make notes of which demons and their sigils resonate with you and go from there? My first was Satan and it went well. Your experience may differ. Astaroth is incredible, as is Hekate and Lilith, noting these are not goetia. Just find one you feel a sense of resonance with and give them a call.

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Your right TGS is useless if your senses are developed and mine are not. Entering the TGS is pretty easy but once there nothing happens I just see the static and maybe some fog.

I think your idea to first evoke an entity of thevelementals would work best to help develop these senses before I work with demons from the Goatia.

I will be looking into this

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well, it also depends on what your goals are too. If you have particular mundane things that you need done, such as getting more money, a new girlfriend, a place to live, etc…then seeing things during evocation isn’t really important. If however you already have everything you want out of life and want to develop more spiritually, then developing those senses to make deeper connection with the entities you evoke makes sense. i mean, when i very first began, i started straight with the goetia, and although i never really saw anything during evocation, the world was already beginning to bend to my will despite my lack of experience


I have quite a few issues in mundane life and money is one of those.

I see where your coming from and things seem to be moving nicely for you. My problem is that nothing much ever works for me so wanting to actually have some kind of two way communication with an entity would be awesome.

I considered for a while to evoke Bune, but my money goals are more long term as I’m starting to become a trader with done success. So I don’t really need to get cash injections rather to improve my own trading skills.

I won’t rush my first evocation so weighing up all you guys have said

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Everyone reccomend lucifer
But belial is amazing too
If you need self confidence power and fear removing and hesitation
You need belial to be evoked
He works instantly


I’m looking to work with either Lucifer, King Paimon and later maybe Belial.

For now Sastan will be perfect to help open up my senses as I want a better communication when I do call on lucifer or King Paimon.

Last night I tried to evoke Sastan, I entered into a TGS and as it deepened everything turned black and white and there was a thick fog everywhere.

I called Sastan whilst scrying his sigil, I felt intense energy but this happens anyway when in TGS. Nothing else happened.

I will try again tonight.