TGS and Bianural beats

While scanning the web on data concerning theta gamma sinc, i happened upon an expectedly unfair caustic attack of EA’s Mastering Evokation. One of the things the person brought up was how he found that "Bianural Beats’ brought on the TGS much faster for him and it lasted quite unexpectedly longer- then went on some wierd rant about how it began “Killing his brain” and then his entire thread kinda went smoke in the wind. I wrote to the guy asking 2 questions; 1- what did he mean by “killing his brain”? he mentioned wearing headphones; and as I went and found some bianural beats- unless he had the volume at 140 dcbs, I have no clue as to why it had an adverse effect. As I am a pretty easy migrainer- the last thing I would want to do is bring that rain down the tracks. 9But he could have been ‘wired wierdly’- i bet) and #2- which ‘bianural beats’ was he using? I have found hundreds of them. And though I would love to encorporate them into my routine it hopes of 'unclogging whatever channels have been clogged making me go dormant on my gift of "Entities " dropping in any time and where they pleased Without any prep or mediatation at all; there was also some ‘music’ which I am wondering if it would actually help create the atmosphere for Entities to make themselves seen.
is anyone familiar with this stuff and can give me some direction and or advice.? The other thing I was thinking to do is downloading the stuff on my phone, and when my wife is doing her Dr. and hospital stuff and I am dissolving in the waiting room while a people magazine looks at me. perhaps I could slam on the earbuds, open my invokation grimoire and have a session in the waiting room. As it is sometime I am so mentally wasted when the day is over maybe belial or Azazel could drive us home— sure sounds good to me.

binaural beats take time to push for new neural growth in the brain and drive hormones and psychedelic substances through the brain. The close relationship between energy, sound and conciousness is split wide open. Bi naurals can cause headaches and massive hallucinations while the brain and mind shift and re arrangee themselves. Too much of a shift can cause physical symtoms and pressure.

Part of why this is so is because the frequencies stimulated often are below the threshold of audible sound, and take place through bone conduction and tones of perception, if the left channel is 10hz and the right is 15hz, the brain will cancel the difference and “percieve” the 5hz and sync to it. It is not heard through the hair cells in the ear as they cannot pick up anything under 20hz even if you have pefect hearing. A big bass rap kick drum is usually between 40hz-60hz.

The energy of the sound wave carrying the frequencies affect the brain. If you sync the brain at 5hz, by playing left channel 100hz and right 105hz then the difference in the brain is heard at 5hz but it is affected differently than say, 50hz on the left and 55 hz on the right. Why is this so ? Low frequency energy resonates and travels through solid matter. So while the 5hz is “heard” by the brain through phase cancellation, the actual wave itself, the lower that is used, causes a literal push of energy that can be thrust into the head through bone conduction and does not have to do with the normal hearing of the middle ear.

The resonance can easily travel and amplify through the head and all the bones of the head and face, which is where most of the bones are, the resonance as the dominant frequency easily sets up a chain reaction in the other electrical currents of the nerve and organ systems, even down to the cells.

The other systems, some of them have specific nuerotransmitter receptors can evolve like synapse and dendrites in the brain, which is a recent discovery. Literal pressure is moved through out the system. The more repitition that is exposed to the sound, the state that it triggers is learned and abosrbed and “written” into the neurochemistry of the body.

the theta state is centered at about 4hz and gamma is about 40hz-100hz at its peak, allthought it can go higher. Stacking the two is using concetration (gamma activity) and relaxation (theta). Combining these two peak states is indeed tough for most people as it is literally one part of conciousness going to the near sleep state while the other remaining alert. The mix of the two triggering gateways of altered conciousness is I think a real interesting thing E.A. focuses on , especially with regards to evocation, skrying and the phenomenon of open eyed visions , as I do not think anyone else has done it before at all.

I’ve used binaural beats with great results and no ill effects.

if i had to take a guess you may have found some that are commonly available and then found more potent ones out there. The most “forcabily” invasive one as far as lowering base pitch frequency is Holosync, which the entire program is spaced out to take about 1 hour per day for 10 years. Even with the progression, holosync users report some definite freakout moments. I remember a holoync user from australia commenting on his vlog how during the rainy season where fog is known and common, when it started he became convinced that it was evidence of illuminati weather control machines during a period of transitory development, even though he consciously knew and belived this was not the case, it is what he perceived and it eventually wore off lol. Maybe you just have an advanced and sexy brain my good friend.

Oh I doubt very seriously I was working with that. I merely dabbled in binaural but I found it to be very helpful when I did.

I used binaural and isochronic tones as an aid and IMHO they helped immensely. I then discontinued using them as I was able to duplicate the experience merely by recall - in the same manner we recall music.