Testing the strength of your will

What do you guys do to test your will?

Not so much the personal things like fasting, meditation, exercising, but on a larger scale.

Do you just pick a situation or an event and try to cause it to “bend” to your will, as they say?

Is it reasonable to expect to have the ability to affect something like say, a sporting event? I imagine it would be a lot easier to affect your immediate surroundings, obviously, but I was wondering if causing change in things like sports and the stock market were a reality for some people.


Hmm maybe. Beliefs have an effect. Belief power organised into a ritual spell is obviously better. And rituals that enlist the help of another being is greater still. You could do a spell and evoke to make a sports team win and that would have some effect which may or may not be counteracted. If you mean will without a ritual, I’m not sure. Our power increases with our experience. So maybe a powerful individual could have an effect that great with just their will, but I doubt it.

Me personally, I’ve been told I am quite protected, I think it’s mostly angelic protection. I will say that day to day things don’t really go wrong for me. For example tonight before work I decided I’d get food from a drivethru so went outside and realised I’d left my car at a friends last night. Which is lucky, cause otherwise I would’ve been late for work. Good little things like that happen to me all the time and that could have something to do with my will. Believing that I’m lucky and that things generally go in my favour, and thus manifesting that in my life.

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For sure. I think it would definitely create this huge non-physical force that will either successfully manifest, or fail to if you do it incorrectly, there’s an incorrect aspect in it, or if it is coming against another force or perhaps factors.

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