Testing spirits with the scientific method

Hello this question may seem a little bit strange, but could I for example ask a deity if it can tell me during a ritual which number will come out from a number generator etc? Psi researchers do this but just with other phenomena, they use the scientific method for occult topics…btw. I think this could offend some spirits but I am sure that some spirits would take part in such an experiment.Many people know the phase when they just have doubts in magick, deities and their practices, this could maybe help people in such phases. I know some paranormal researchers that exactly do that just with the dead ,why shouldn’t we also objectively test the existence of angels,demons etc.? Greetings and have a nice day

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The difficulty is not with getting the information but interpreting it. The information comes through the subconscious, which is typically especially bad at numbers (it speaks in symbolism) and here you have an emotional aspect that can get in the way.

AR viewers, which is a kind of remote viewing who are know to go in for lottery work, mitigate this by assigning the numbers with sounds, colors or tastes, things that are sense oriented. Then you can more easily get these in trance, and translate them to numbers.


Its good that magick is not documentated and I hope it never will because if magick is proven its no longer occult knowledge. Magick is power when few use it. Thats why witches have less power in uncivilized socities as most people their go to their witchdoctor or shaman to get protection.

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INDEED! If you take it personally, than skeptics online can seem like assholes for “debunking woo/paranormal/ghosts/etc.,” but when you realize the implications of these forces being definitively proven and normalized, it takes away power from mages until it’s more neutralized. These skeptics are actually unwitting allies to ambitious mages, and vice versa.

Don’t forget it’s not that easy. If it was, everyone would already do it because its not a secret any more at all.

This is like saying no one should game because you won’t be the best in the game anymore. But games are better with more players, and it just gives you the motivation to actually get good.

I don’t see why. Power is unlimited. There’s more than enough abundance of power for all, incarnate and discarnate.

To be afraid of more mags in the world isn’t necessary, and good mages do not fear competition, they use it to find community, learn from each other and thrive. Never be afraid, that will sap your power.


Yes it is in the sense that the majority assume magick is superstition and do therefore not study or use it. In that way it can remain hidden.

You dont think there may be magicians who are evil and more powerful than you?

No! You can’t think in a defeatist way like that, because then you personally are MAKING IT TRUE. That’s how magick works. It’s ALL you. You at all your different level. Know yourself and you know the universe. See the energy flows and be them and change them, or contact more versions of you called entities that you feel can.

Also I don’t believe in “evil”, this is a very limited concept that only applies deep into the lower vibrational states. It encourages a them and us, fear based and victim mentality that is not suitable for a mage trying to ascend.
I believe in subjective obstacles to what I want and my goals in context. All “evil” people are doing is what is good for them, regardless of the welfare of others, they don’t usually see themselves as evil. But on the scale of the universe it’s all me gathering experience just because that’s what I do.

However this is getting very off topic. @Astralmaster would you like the topic split ito it’s own thread?

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Why not use the Golden Dawn method and check the entity against its corresponding items? I mean metals etc.

There are magicians who have eliminated other magicians in different ways. Magicians who have bound the powers of other magicians. In this forum there is a lot of talk how to defend and break defenses in magical warfare all based on knowledge.

With “evil” I simply mean people who seeks to harm or sufferings to others. Mean or cruel are other words for it.

Now you’re talking about other people. You asked me if I was worried. I’m not. I don’t agree that I should be. o you think I don’t get attacked?

I piss off a lot of people as a mod sometimes, we get those who think a lot of themselves who decide they’re too high and mighty for the rules to apply to them and sometimes it falls to me to protect the forum, and occasionally I get the magickal flak for that, I have a decent amount of practice finishing what other people try to start. :slight_smile:

So no I’m not talking theoretically here, you MUST stand in your power. You must stand your ground and KNOW without doubt you are strong enough. OTHER mages can do what they want. I suggest you set your own standards not assume you have to follow what other people did. Follow your guts and your experience, NOT what other people say. Until you get your own experience, what other people say is not worth that much. :smiley:

To be honest though, the kind of mage that is petty enough to do that and have everybody know about it is posing. If he has to pose and attack people over petty things, he’s over emotional and isn’t worth shit in the first place. The mages that could get me just won’t, and don’t nee to, because they’re at a higher level and I’m not worth it. They can influence me to do what they want in other way, shielded, subtle and clever and I may never even know. (Or I might and I might allow it even, and it’s all so UPG I don’t talk about it :smiley: )

Low level stuff is not an issue.


Out of curiosity, what would be your goal with this? For me, the question is less “is this real or not?” and more “does this work?”. I feel like you could easily get derailed focusing on the need to prove that you are right or that something is real instead of working on your own goals. It kind of feels like trying to justify your practice.

And my aura would then be strong enough to deflect magical attacks?