Testing on contract

Hello everyone,
I’m thinking about to do a serious contract with a demon.

I named the 4 demons and pulled a single card for each (without resuffle) representing how the contract would go with each of them.

Without naming the demons, which of the 4 cards you think the best to base a contract on?

  1. Justice
  2. Knight of wands
  3. Knight of Pentacles
  4. Ace of swords

Were these all upright?

Deck is sorted to be upright always

And just clarify, are you asking which of the 4 you should choose or how will the pact go between going with all 4?

Well if I would do more than one it would be for the same goal and I don’t know if doing a contract for the same goal with different demons at the same time is good or not.

So yea in the first turn just to see which of these 4 is the best.

First off, best of luck to the serious contract you’re planning, as well as the goal you have in mind regarding it. If you don’t mind me asking, I’d like to ask what deck did you use?

Ah, now hold on a bit there, OP. I think the cards would be quite difficult to interpret because you haven’t provided a bit of the actual goal you have in mind? Because others could give you suggestions to really ponder about based on given context surrounding the cards: for example, are you after something Swords-related: increasing your intelligence, improving communication skills, needing that breakthrough idea, etc.? Then Ace of Swords might be your best bet. Or are you aiming at something more major at play, something along the lines of balancing your life, serious/karmic contracts/partnerships, maybe even implementing an orderly sense of fairness and equilibrium in your path? Then Justice could be a good fit for your current interests.

Also, do you have a significator in your deck to represent you? If not, maybe pull a card to represent who you are and how you function when it comes to contracts/partnerships like this one? Because to determine which demon is best for you also lies in determining the compatibility between your personalities—or at least, both of your personalities while at work. For example, you might be more of a Pentacles type of person who is used to slowly but surely making progress, utilizing magick for mundane/earth(l)y purposes and appreciates all the terms, processes, etc. already laid out before you so you could work steadily towards your goals according to plan. Maybe you could even be the type to establish long-term working connections if you see them really working well with you? Then you might just get along with the Knight of Pentacles. But how about if you’re a Wands-y person at work: likes things on the move, really wants the energy and power to be visibly (and quickly!) felt with your workings, don’t mind a surprise obstacle/experience here and there, etc.? The Knight of Wands would be more apt to work with, I believe? :slight_smile:

ETA: So OP, what type of personality at (magickal) work are you? And what specific goal exactly do you have in mind?