Testing of Spirits and the offers they make

Lately it seems in my dreams I am visited or taken to the infernal realm I have seen spirits on thrones I haven’t learned their names maybe one but as I woke up it became cloudy. My question is am I being recruited because I have a Christian background and have an adversion to the demonic yet I have never been harmed by one in my dream. Am I seeking them out because I have no idea how I’m traveling there. Am I calling to these spirits? Am I the one willing them into my dreams, if so do I have magically abilities I’m not aware or maybe a descendant of holy men etc is there a way I can get tested for this or get some type of training I have never seen the holy but for some reason the demonic seem to have and interest in me.

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:thinking: you probably are on their vibration! Changing your vibration before you sleep makes your body travel to the same vibration you are on! It is weird but you have already noticed a pattern to where you travelled to unconsciously! Watch out to what you are thinking of before you sleep and how you feel!
I have noticed when I visited the same places the entities there knows me! Like friends I cant remember? Does that mean I was recruited? No! I don’t think I can be against my will?!
I believe that you have the ability to remember your trips! If you wanna know what the entities wants with you just ask them! Some will even tell you that you called them if you did! They can be cryptic too…

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It was like I was being presented to them some came up to me like looking at me and talking to me but I could remember the words I think they were telling me what they can do I saw one making deals with another human I was on one level then I was lead further underground through a hole and met entities on thrones nothing pretty about them they were Scary I didn’t create them and there are no pics I have Ever seen on Reddit in my life that could have been in my brain to give them the forms they took.

No to mention I listen to scripture before I go to bed I am also water fasting but I have a lot going on in my life I’m starting to feel
Like the divine doesn’t want me. But the infernal sure do and are eager to make deals and come before me

start sleeping with Archangel sigils under your pillow

You listening to scripture, that is changing your vibration. You’re getting more in tune with the judeo-Christian energy flow, and that in turn makes you more receptive to visitation to/from the infernal. In getting closer to “God”, you’ve gotten closer to demons at the same time, because spiritual prowess doesnt make the distinction between which you like more.

Immersed in that current, and at a level with which you can comprehend travel/visitation, you’ve been noticed. There could be other things, but at the end of the day, that’s all it takes to get noticed.

My advice for interacting with the infernal? Dont trust anything, or anyone. You can operate with trust, but always be prepared for just in case your trust was misplaced. In my experience, theyve helped, up to a point. But sooner or later, especially if you have something they want, they’ll demand payment for that help. This last bit isnt exclusive to the infernal spirits, just sharing experience.

Also, if you feel like the divine doesnt want you, broaden your horizons. Research and practice other things. Dont look for a pack to be in, make your own

Fear of the unknown has held me back, but I’m on a journey to rid myself of fear and ignorance. I accept that I like the occult I’ve always had an interest. I accept that spirits are reaching out to me I accept that perhaps there is something me that I have that allows me to travel to different realms and meet different entities and remember it. What I haven’t told anyone is that I can manipulate certain things about my dreams like when I’m about to face harm I can control things and my envoirment to an extent and I’m noticing it’s based on my confidence level to

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Humans are exceedingly powerful in the astral, what you are exhibiting is a skill that most take a while to achieve. My best advice would be to find a good guide, or friend to show you the ropes, and DONT let anything grab you elsewise it can come back with you. I’ve got some experience, but astral projection isnt an expertise of mine. If you do some research, you might find some advice to make the most of your astral travels.

Good luck brother, stay safe

Do you know what it means to eat on the astral something I notice is that I’m hungry and I eat alot

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I love this place I do because I can’t talk about the things I experience with bots outside of here and no one relates

You are of the infernal… Seek them… Listening to scriptures, won’t do nothing… These beings are not your enemy

And also drinking wine

I’m starting to get that vibe that maybe I’m not a child of light…

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Holy Spirit aka divinity aka white dove=isis

Of course you’re not… The light is false… Lol… Just listen to your most, intimate thoughts… Research… Mostly seek lucifer

There is not such thing as the divine bit wanting you… YOU ARE THE FUCKING DIVINE… no matter which route you choose to take…
Be it infernal… Buddhist monk… Etc… I strongly advise against the light (since its been prevalent and has done nothing major till now)…
Meditate and awaken

Divinity is just, kundalini stuff… All is within

Thank you should I start slowly or just jump in, are there teachers out there?

Well that’s, upon you… But I advise you to seek Lucifer… He initiates people… You can, never go wrong unless youre too clumsy with this path… If you, have guides that, is…
Also once you, shift, your attention down this path… The “false light” will prey, upon you and will, try anything to win you over… If they see potential that is… Be wary of this
Leap headlong into the darkness… And find our own light …dont look back

I best think of what it is I want out of this, everything has a cost and I need to weigh it.


Thank you I take it you know Lucifer personally?