Testing New System - Free Readings Until I Tap Out

Im sorry I really dont understand what you mean by this

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You need to accept that there is a SPACE, GAP, JOURNEY, between where you are now and where you want to be, that is 1., second #2 you have a malady that is both causing creativity and sometimes limits it, so reconcile both, and you can and WILL be the creatice genuis you know you can become.

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Ohhh I want to play, are you still taking new ones @Lady_Eva

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Sure, feedback needed though. :+1:

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All good. Where should I head next on my path? I have a lot of options :joy:

Can I get one?
Question: How should I proceed on my path with Nyx?

Honour the pride on both sides - Nyx’s and yours.

For extra feedback, I’m glad that was GelT and not GelD

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Can I get one on Archangel Michael, what is his message for me?

And one on Lucifer, what does he think of me?

If 2 questions is too much, then just the question on Archangel Michael please

What is my relationship going to look like with Lucifer x years from now?

You really need to reconcile yourself to LOSS, just basically feel the pain, now, you are strong enough.Hugs!

Same as above.

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I don’t understand what this means :sweat_smile:
Does it mean I need to be ok with being away from him?
Was this a reading?

:neutral_face:Yeah, that’s what I’ve been trying to achieve
Can I ask another question please ??? :pleading_face:

You have fundamentally misunderstood the whole purpose of magick.

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Learn to break oaths and be your own sneaky servant.

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Thanks for the readings Lady Eva

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It makes sense to me, thanks.

If you can, here is another one: How should I proceed to overcome what is preventing me from ascending and rising in my life and on my path?

Is there anything blocking my ascent?

You have a lot of things wrong, but you can build on them.

Can I have one reading on
What should I do now and what should I focus on ?
Will you answer this as well please :sweat_smile:
When is this period of pain gonna end ?
Thank you