Testing New System - Free Readings Until I Tap Out

NO PMs. Questions and answers here only.

You HAVE to give feedback so I can calibrate this! :+1:


Oooh may I have one please?
What will be the outcome of my pact with Arachne?

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You’re too preoccupied with forms and numbers, but it may work out, just let go of control and appreciater when forms happen instead of relysing on them to GUIDE you.

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I’m down.

What do I most need to know right now?

DISGRACE - you really are going to have to be destroyed to be built back up.

I’ll bite. Hit me with it.

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Thanks. I have already had my life destroyed a few times.

GELT - if you had more money, you could fulfil your dreams better.

So, work on that.

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Fair and true enough…

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Can I get 1 =)?


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What are the steps I need to take to improve my living situation?

Well I be a power house?

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May I ask another question?

Yes but you need tp work on it.

But yes, it is possible

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What do I need to do next?

My question: Can I develop artistic skills? :smiley:

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Be sneaky and rat them out to anyone who will help, have faith that WILL help. :+1:


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Thank you.

What am I not seeing that is right in front of me in regards to my Ascent?

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