I am a brand new magician who is struggling with doubts regarding whether this really works. I would benefit from your testimonies regarding ways in which magic has created major changes in your world. Thanks!

I get a better job, get hot chiks staring on me,learn a lot if different kind of magic here, and adapting wat works for me,

A few examples. Have relationships with open communication and life experiences that would otherwise have been impossible. Have money show up when I could see no possible way to get any that I needed. Gain insight into other peoples problems and be able to give them exact advice about things I had no experience or knowledge of. Find hidden or lost objects in others peoples homes where I had never been before. Have people I choose walk over and sit down at my table in a public place to talk with me, without speaking a word or even knowing them. Having an awkward social experience and choosing to banish the people who were ruining my time, and having them walk out a few moments later. Describe in detail distant objects without being there and have the details verified. Transmit thoughts into peoples minds and verify the result. Open locked doors without keys. Stop peoples pendulums from working with my concentration. Project illusions of insects to the degree that people would scream and jump back in fear. Telepathically wake people from sleeping without making a noise, by yelling mentally, verified consistently through testing.

Of course, you could say that these are not major changes, or that I’m lying. Magick is subjective and personal. You won’t believe it until you do it yourself, or are a close witness, which is even more rare, since there is almost always a rational explanation of ‘coincidence’.

It seems not so much about what changes were done, as in the fact that such changes are possible. It made me consider what I wanted, and decide I could have it. That realization was more important than any particular result. So the most major change I consider important is that I choose how I want my life to be, and live it the way I want. I don’t limit myself to others ideas of what is possible or important.

As for doubts, I would recommend the floating needle on oil and water exercise. Once you see that you can move objects with your mind a barrier breaks and you can never go back. I’ll leave it to you to research the experiment.

NariusV, thanks! I consider most of those very substantial changes. Thanks!

Well, I’m new as well, but I’ve been working on it for a month I guess. I come from a Christian family, and still live with them, and this has always made it even harder for me to finally begin.

When I first came across the Grand Demon Martal, I saw he could initiate me into Black Magick. Bear in mind that I didn’t have ANY tools to work with, I only had his sigil and my intent. I came up with incantations and conjurations of my own, so I could finally begin my practices, and finally live my life as I see fit.

Some 2 days after that I had ALL the tools I needed, and could properly begin working with spells and some scrying. This was unimaginable just a matter of days before…

Plus, my dad once came home unexpectedly while there was still the smell of candle wax and furniture outside my Temple and whatnot…at that time I was like “oh shit” lol he just came to me with a smile and said “Are you burning some incense? Cool.” and walked away.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I plan to share my pathworking until now, I believe it’ll be a lot of help for other newcomers.

Well we could give you our testimonials all day long but the fact is, if you don’t really know whether all this stuff is real or whether you should believe in it or not, then you will always remain doubtful. Nothing we say can prove anything to you, you have to dive in and experience it first hand to know that it is real and without trying for yourself to see what happens, you will never really know for sure. But I will also say this, if you go into this with an attitude that you know it’s fake and you are only trying to prove it’s not real, then you will never get any hard evidence or proof because you have to believe in it in order to be open enough to experience any results from it.

But if you go into this thinking, there has always this part of you that just feels like it’s real but you have never had the results verified only because other people have kept you from trying it because of their non-beliefs or their efforts to program you to think like them, then you can achieve those results, you just have to remind yourself that a part of you knows that something like this does in fact exist, you just haven’t experienced for yourself yet.

But listening to testimonials will do no good in the long run other than to have others come forward and say, yes this real because ABCD happened to me. What good is it to have someone tell you what happened to them if you need to have visual or physical proof of your own to believe what they said is true? That’s no different than a christian standing next to an atheist saying “Jesus is here right now and I know because I am looking right at him, amen!” The atheist does not believe so he will ultimately just say “Yeah, and you’re nuts because I see only a door in front of me, no jesus here.” The only way to undo that type of thinking is for the person in doubt to experience it first hand. So my advice to you would be, instead of asking for stories which you may not even believe after reading, go put some of your ideas into practice and see for yourself.

What are some things you have always wished you could change but never were able to change on a physical level, yet you’ve heared others say they made the changes with magick? Think of something like this that you want to change, then research some books and the internet and see if there is a spell or meditation you can do to practice getting results with. But set your standards low for the first few times, magick is a skill that has to be learned so don’t go expecting your entire life to change over night. Start small, then once you finally get that first bit of proof, continue working towards your goals and gradually increase to the more advanced magick. Each time you get proof, even if only a tiny bit that still leaves you wondering “did this really happen or I am hallucinating that it did because I wanted it to?” that will be enough to make you think okay maybe there really is something to this, and it should be enough to make you want to keep going and aiming for larging goals with each previous successful attempt.

RavensAscent-I think that there is a ton of wisdom and good sense in what you said. I agree that direct, first hand proof will help me the most. And just to be clear, I am not going into this trying to disprove it. No way. I desperately want it to be true.

Regarding the testimonies, though: For me they do help build trust in Magick if they rise to a certain level. For example, testimonies that a person “feels” better about life and more in control are next to worthless for me. Every religion’s adherents would say such subjective thing. But credible testimony from people that say “I am able to unlock actual doors that are locked” or “I have been able to bring money into my life from non-existent income streams” do give me enough faith to carry on. But for those who don’t want to believe, no amount of second hand testimony would be sufficient. But I don’t fall into that category. What throws a wrench in the system is atheistic magick which does not believe in spirits. To me, that’s crazy talk akin TV evangelists. If that belief wasn’t around I could more easily accept Magick.

Well I don’t hold that exact belief but my sweetie does, so I’ll try and give you a rundown - people who really believe this, please correct anything I get wrong!

The Vedas and sundry other sources hold out, hidden behind text (note - NOT hidden in The Kybalion) that the universe is a huge mental creation of a Mind above our minds, so to speak, but a Mind which we can synch ourselves with on occasion using altered states of mind, and thereby become the kind of “dreamer of what is” - to steal one of my sweetie’s expressions.

Atheists don’t have to shun the spiritual - the manifest human world exists, with seperated and free-willed beings in it, and without some overseeing external God On High in a grey beard and who wills and controls etc all life - so why can’t various LESS tangible spiritual realities also exist without an overseeing god?

Oh, also, he does this weirdassed Descartes stuff: “I think therefore I am, I perceive therefore I am, but who is to say that what I perceive is real to anyone beyond the perceptual projections, cast on the screen of my manifest self?”

That, jboy, is also the idea behind the “science of mind” (lots of free texts online, knock yourself out) and the Law Of Attraction, and is where my partener’s beliefs and mine crossover into a tolerable shared space.

So have fun with that, if you want - the idea there is no “God” and no observer/experiencer beyond yourself.

Thanks for the rundown on that Lady Eva. A “mind above ourselves” is enough for me to not call this atheism, though (at least in the scientific, materialistic, Carl Sagan sense). That position, for me, is more reasonable if one is to also say that they believe in magik. However, if that were true, it would still be hard for me to call on entities that I know do not exist. Therefore, I am going to use Chef 1964’s idea as a starting point: I will suspend doubt and try to make contact with the entities (assuming that they do exist).

Well, since you clarified that you are not trying to disprove magick here are a few of my own experiences with magick.

The other day I evoked Amaymon about a problem I was having and the instant I got done blowing out the candles after speaking with him, I received a message on a social forum from a person he had sent my way to help me with the problem. Very odd that someone I had just met online offered to help at the exact same time I got done speaking to Amaymon. The person came thru for me because 2 or 3 days later the magician that helped me said I have a feeling something happened so I checked all over the internet expecting to see the other person was still fucking me, maybe they had done something else to try and hurt me, however that person that was causing me problems suddenly changed their mind and wrote something very positive about me online then vanished and went MIA and no one has heard from that person ever since then. Not on facebook, not in any forums, just gone. I wish I could have provided more details to make that more believable for you but I swore to protect the identity of those involved which means keeping some of the details a secret, I’m sure you understand.

Also, I asked King Paimon to do some work for me and help me get some of my work efforts noticed because I’m not very good at socializing or networking. Suddenly my facebook friends count went from 1,105 (took me almost 15 months to get it that high) to over 2,800 friends in just the last 5 days. My facebook pages have all shot up in likes in quantities of about 100-200 new likes every 6 days and usually, I can send out a few hundred page invitations and maybe 11 people will respond, but the likes are increasing from people I have not even invited to my pages.

Everyone I know that is selling online is experiencing a really bad summer slow down in sales which happens because people are on vacation and spending time out doors instead of inside on their computers like they do in the winter. I recently did a spell to make sure my sales stay steady and suddenly I am getting 4 new orders every 48 hours which is also odd because the sales are metaphysical items, and a guy was recently trying to make me look like a fool and a scammer and trying to ruin my business because I sell metaphysical items so it’s odd that after that spell, I am selling mainly metaphysical goods. I guess the spell is throwing it back in his face like see, if she’s crazy for believing in this stuff then others are too because her products are selling.

I had a very simple but very hard to spot health problem last year that was making it hard for me to lose weight (still had some left over fat from my pregnancy that was hanging on for a few years) I tried dieting and exercise and nothing ever worked for me. I finally asked a spirit to intervene and stated that I was not lazy but my health problem was causing a surge in body chemicals that made my metabolism very slow and underactive. Within 7 months, I lost over 80 lbs. Yeah, not something I like sharing but I had a very high risk pregnancy and was on bed rest, no exercise, eating for 2 people plus I had constant morning sickness until my 7th month so I lost a lot of weight and my doctor was worried and put me on weight gain shakes so I blew up like a blimp because of her stupid orders which is why I got so big in the first place.

But I lost all that weight in only 7 months, with no exercise. I was starving myself but normally I cannot pass up a meal. I’m not diabetic but I feel sick if I go too long without food like I am usually weak, tired, and having stomach cramps after only 12-14 hours without food but I was suddenly able to go 3 days at a time while eating only 200 calories or less. Everyone around me was shocked because no one can lose that much weight in 7 months without a surgery usually, I’ve known people that it took them 2 years just to lose 60 pounds. But it was like the weight just dropped and every other week I was down another size in clothing. Everyone around me started wondering if I was on some kind of hard drug.

So those are just some ways magick has helped me.

Thanks for sharing RavensAscent! Those are encouraging.

Crikey! RavernAscent. i’ll only ask you one thing from this testimony, that Spirit’s name and enn, if you have it.
My last pregnancy also screwed with my metabolism, big time and I have remained three stones overweight ever since. It has come to a complete standstill so to speak, and when i try to skip meals, I feel exactly the way you do.
Give me that spirit’s name, please, i want to seek ‘their’ help.

I personally am a firm believer in the idea that this is either something you’re born to do, or it’s not. For the people it’s “meant” for, magick makes more sense to them than anything else in their lives, and they obsessively chase it once they find it, never wanting to go back to that dull, pointless existence ever again. The ones that it’s just not cut out for, seem to doubt it, then quit as soon as they have results. Keep that in mind when your universe reorders itself to accommodate your Will, and you stand there wide eyed. Keep pushing.

Some of my more fantastical successes include bringing a fugitive to justice after two decades on the run, with a two week turn around time, having at least half a dozen pedophiles suddenly drop dead with no explanation given (I FUCKING HATE CHILD ABUSERS), putting a completely shattered psyche back together again, and watching one evocation set into motion turning a hopeless, weak drug addict into a productive, well adjusted father in a matter of months.

Those don’t even scratch the surface of what I’ve done, but are the ones I’m most impressed by.

Magick is a wonderful thing. For doubters, there’s really nothing you can say that will make them believe. I have tried this and they refuse to believe the things I’ve been granted are not coincidence. That’s ok though because some people are just not meant to delve into the black arts. Some are naturally inclined to be sensitive to the occult powers and will take the necessary tools (both physical and mental) and run with them, creating a new world around them. It’s a beautiful thing actually. To see your will manifested before your eyes is the greatest feeling one can experience.

I firmly believe that the Dark Arts are calling my name very loudly. I just have to make it over the initial hump of acquiring the necessary skills to accomplish small goals. Once that happens, I anticipate running quickly with Magick, my new love.

Get ready for an extended ironman triathalon. Good Luck.