Terrified bird

About 4 months ago I purchased a baby african grey who was only 5 months at the time (they live up to 80 years in captivity) and after I performed my first evokation after getting her she started making noises as if she could feel the spirit’s presence and it was dark so as her noises became worse and worse I was like what the heck have I just summoned Lol
She literally went insane after that night and was super terrified of everyone and would just keep screaming anytime anybody went near her cage and even the vet had no clue what was wrong with her so I decided to wait for a while and after seeing no improvement I was forced to give her up…

I recently got a 2 year old trained african grey and again after my first evokation this one goes insane but in a different way…
He’s perfectly friendly with every single family member and even relatives except myself Lol
Literally anytime I go near him he starts shaking like crazy and I can see he’s uncomfortable and when I try to comfort him he tries to bite me and he doesn’t even speak when I’m present but as soon as I leave he starts talking to everyone else in the room Lol

I tried working with Hass’cotor from the book of Azazel and even Azazel himself for both of these birds with no success anyone knows a good spirit for this issue ?


Maybe don’t evoke near birds, in the future then? As well as banish any left over energy/entities from the evocation.


I must fix this one first maybe ?

Besides I always have entities around me so I should probably find a good solution for this !

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Yeah iv’e been told animals can sense or see spirits & energy. The bird might not like your energy?

I once had a dead bird right outside of my room in front of my window on the ground. It was laying on it’s back with it’s wings spread out fully & it’s head facing straight up. It was a black crow or raven, I can’t remember but it was big though. I found the bird about 10am after I woke up. Weird.

Well you are summoning demons…there is that to consider. :laughing:

No seriously, I’m not sure what the deal is with the bird. Maybe this type of bird is extremely psychically sensitive.

Sound like the spirits are the problem, more would make it worse. They can be in your field, you they just don’t need them to be freely wandering around your house getting into everyone else’s (the bird’s) fields.

I resolved the upset that spirits in my house were causing my cat by better warding my temple and only evoking in there. You can also tell the entities you evoke to stay away from the birds, but ime that was only partially successful.

That can’t be the case because the 2 birds started acting out after I evoked spirits while they were in the house and they behave like only around me(again only after I evoked) so it’s almost like they can tell I’m the one calling these things into the house Lol
Besides I’m always working on making my energy desirable and people are always affected positively still idk

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With this type of bird I confirm that 100% they can definitely see spirits


That’s classic evil demon in the house messing with others which is more like a joke I mean sure there’s the case of Koetting’s ex wife being possessed by Belila which is the only confirmed case of possession I ever hesrd of outside religious circles and that’s Belila we’re talking about he has quite the reputation for messing around but I don’t think they would abuse animals

Yes the entities are definitely the issue here but I personally believe it’s more like the bird is simply scared of them and associates their presence with me so do you know any entity that can help the bird calm down and not be scared ?

No I don’t think this is likely. Like I said, ask the entity itself to make peace with the bird. Or banish properly after a working, contain the entity away from the bird (maybe try a shield), or find an entity the bird isn’t scared of, or find the bird a new home. This is natural and it’s not the birds fault, it doesn’t need to be coerced and the effects of having work done on it are unknown.


No they wouldn’t I think you just have a sensitive animal is all. Most of the demons have preferred animal shapes. I find it unlikely they would torment your bird willfully…not thier style.

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I’ve heard of people evoking the higher selves of pet animals before. Doing that, and basically letting the bird know that it’s safe and the spirits won’t hurt it, etc etc.

Aside from that, spirits like Cernnunos are known to be animal tamers. If your bird is African and came from africa maybe enlist the help an African spirit or perhaps an Orisha. Idk. Just ideas.

It sounds like the main issue is just that your bird was traumatized by exposure to a powerful dark energy without being eased into the presence of such things. Get yourself a bird psychotherapist lmao


I agree with this. In the case of my cat, it’s territorial. She thinks the entities are intruders and yowls at them as if she found a racoon or a stray cat in the house, she’s angry and scared.
She still is if I leave the door to the temple open and she goes in there. I try not to do that.


Territorial that’s a real possibility, the bird could be feeling territorial and feel like the spirit is encroaching on its space.


I’ve got five puppies and three cats and two kittens. When I go into ceremony to evoke the puppies go and hide. The dogs stand guard outside and the cats attend and are quite interested in the ritual. Only time there was potentially a problem Is when one cat almost got his whiskers and paw singed by trying to play with Prince Orobas who was manifesting in the candle flame. He was intrigued at it. Curiosity almost burned the cat.

This is Mingus Abner the cat who wanted to dance with a devil…lol


Well thats what I meant

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That’s another possibility to consider

Yeah I did consider connecting to the bird’s higher self to build a depper relationship with him but I thought I should probably befriend him first then go to his higher self but it seems I should do it now anyways