Terms used in Tarot- (Twin Flame - Soul Mate - Karmic)

Terms used in Tarot-
Twin Flame - Soul Mate - Karmic

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My name is AJ and I’ve recently joined this forum. I’ve been a Reader for 20+ years and over the last five or so I have heard particular word terms used in regards to the love aspect of the reading. In this post I would like to go over a topic that has been the bane of mine and I’m sure every other readers discipline for the last five years at least….

Twin Flame - Soul Mate - Karmic

These three Words are over used so frequently and with such disregard for their actual meaning and how they truly apply to a reading that it has become a joke. Many Genuine readers had to begin using the terms in our reads. However it’s now widespread use on YouTube which has mutated the genuine meaning. As this particular topic annoys me to no end, I would like to give my own take on explaining it. I’m hopeful it will help others to better understand Love based readings and how the terms may be used properly as many of my clients themselves often misuse them or assign the wrong title to a Connection without knowing it.

To begin with every relationship you have throughout your life is a connection. This connection is unique to the individual and thus can only be interpreted by them. No matter the Terms used only you as an individual can know, thus only you can judge the title you give to the connection.

No Medium or Reader can tell you what term should apply to who. That is up for you to decide. Please keep in mind however that the term you give a connection is rarely so simple.

Twin flame-

The title of a twin flame at its core is a title given to a Person who is your other half. The other half of your soul, its mirror. This person will be an internal reflection of you. They will share your personality, temperament, attitude and be very much like you. The difference often being life experience and age.

This person is your best friend, your rock and Most often the bond is one between Parents & Children, Siblings, or the very best of friends. They will often be the ones teaching you valuable life lessons. Learning Lessons from one another is standard. Rarely is a Twin-Flame romantic and Long term. Romance with a Twin Flame will often be short lived, as they like you are actually seeking a Soul mate.

Romance with a twin will often end with great and lasting hurt. Your childhood Love or first love lost is often the result to this. However a Twin flame being your soul mate would be rare over all.

Soul Mate-

The true essence of what a soul mate is often gets mistaken for a Twin flame.

A soul mate is a person whom you love and feel connected on such a deep level you feel it in your soul. This person will be compatible with you on all levels, in spite of your differences. They will be the Romantic equivalent of a twin flame. This person will feel you and understand you on an intuitive level. They will also challenge you and in your bond you will learn and grow and so will they.

Long term relationships, or relationships that have had to put time energy and work into maintaining are soul mates. When you want or choose to build a life with this person on any level. When you want this person to be happy with or without you. The person you will always love even if your not together. They hold a special place in your heart like no one else can.

Remember however that people often have many soul mates in there lifetime even if you stay with one soul mate it doesn’t mean you don’t have others. You may only be with a particular soul mate for a short time. It all depends on you and your soul mate and what you give to your relationship. Your choices, actions and reactions as well as your partners influence the Length of it.


A Karmic is a Person/Place/Thing/Animal who is in your life for A Reason, A Season or A Lesson. Each karmic is meant to teach you something valuable you carry with you throughout your life. A Karmic connection can be short or long, from a second to years all based upon the connection and its purpose and how quickly you learn the lesson.

Karmic relationships are often short lived and painful as they impart lessons if in a romantic aspect. Heart break, cheating, lust, obsession, broken trust, being ghosted, drifting apart and loss of communication are typical. Often friendship after romance is difficult. This particular Relationship is what humans often experience the most in their life outside of the normal Karmic connections.

Every Person you Have ever met weather they were a Friend, Family member, Romantic interest or an Acquaintance or Stranger or even animals or inanimate objects or places.

That’s all folks.
Thank you for Reading


Very well put!

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Thank you. It’s something I think confuses people and hope it helps people to better understand their connections. :blush:

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Oh, no, please no :scream:

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:blush: yep the universe has a sense of humor

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I don’t personally subscribe to giving these new age concepts any validity, or think that they have anything to do with Tarot.

The Tarot can give you info that lets a person with these views in mind make the connections, but the Tarot isn’t going to use these terms unless the reader is inserting thier own personal energy into the reading, which I think is to a certain extent unavoidable but should be limited as much as possible. There’s a difference between interpreting the info for the questioner, and distorting it with your own lens and prejudices.


oh I very much agree with you, I try to avoid using the terms in my reading but as a whole most people who seek a reading are used to these terms(YouTube) and thus unless you use terms that they can be familiar with or are at ease with they don’t feel your giving a decent read.
People are very focused on LOVE and the terms that connections are given. I read the Energy of the situation and the person and the connections via the energy. Hence the Bane part, as I dislike giving energy titles. I wrote this to clarify for those who use them or want clarity on what the term means in its general sense.

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“Twin flame” can also be someone you hate, or have bad relationships with. It’s still a “life lesson” while I don’t subscribe to twin flames as a real thing it was something I looked into for some time.

No there isn’t. When I give readings the cards always strongly tell me that the querent will benefit by giving me money - the more money the more benefit to them. I don’t feel comfortable hiding that sort of knowledge from them, after all they’ve already paid me. I feel honour bound and it happens all the time.

“And these two cards - the first proves that you need to give me money whilst the second card illustrates the tangible benefits of you doing so; like the hidden, inner desire and its easy fulfillment. But because of the passive positions of the cards it means that giving me money will stop something really bad from manifesting in your life and that manifestation looks breathtakingly close to me. That’s just what I see…”

Hope this helps.


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