Terminology / Procedure Opening a Sigil



What is meant exactly by the term ‘Open a Sigil’ of a spirit?
How different would the procedure be from the steps on pp.156-7 in The Book of Azazel?
Thanks in advance


Correct me if I´m wrong, but it should be the moment when you establish the connection between you and the selected spirit accompanied by the flashing lines effect ( Works of Darkness )


Which characteristics or sensations are indicative that one has reached the “Theta Gamma Sync” state?
eg. Ajna chakra?
Thanks in advance


I think the description in BoA is pretty much the same procedure, but does the flashing effect determine whether or not you have established the connection? If so, i don’t think i’m quite sensitive enough yet because when the lines of sigil begin to disappear and reappear i don’t feel the connection/presence of the spirit.

Loss of equilibrium, light-headedness/slight dizziness and a weightless, fuzzy feeling going through your body, magnified with each exhale, i would say.