Teras390 - Belial (Journal)


January 5, 2019 6:07 PM (Europe: Paris), January 5, 2019 9:07 AM (America: Los Angeles)

I haven’t updated this thread in forever it will in due time be filled with more info regarding this entity but as of right I want to show Belial teaching side, believe it or not he’s a teacher and a fine one at that. Today I spoke to him through the vessel I’ve made for him I guess I should explain that rite before diving into his teachings his delivered to me today.

A long time ago when I lived with my parents we had sheep, we had two male sheep both of them were rather rebelious, the one I had choose as Belials vessel even more so than the other, it jumped over the fence, crawled under it, bent it, just to enjoy the grass on the other side, it just was no bendng it to conform and staying inside its pen so it was shot. Many years later about a year or so ago my father had one of the two skulls, the other one I had already made a vessek out of for Azael. The second one had broken hornes and all it needed was a bit of cleaning up. As I brought it home to my apartment I called upon Belial to be teach how to anchor him into it and here’s what he told me. He wanted me to invoke his name for nine days while holding the skull in my right hand leaving a few drops of my blood inbetween its eyes after I had invoked it’s name and giving him his song: itz Ra’Cha Belial, while incense should burn for duration of the invocation.

So after finding asenath Masons book: Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations I made use of the invocations therein, it was long to memorize so held to book in one hand and the goat head within the other. And gave the incantation, once it was done I placed it on the mortar as I had prior to the rite prepare some dragon’s blood incense and lit it before I placed the skull on there dripping y blood on it’s forehead and then more or less stated:

Belial, take this vessel which now yours, take it, posesses it and use it as an anchor for your power and knowledge to flow into this world. Teach me the secrets of the abyss and show the ways of yore as I now thread deeper into the darkness.

And gave the song., until I felt there was no need to give it anymore. Usually it the air around me thickened, to the point where breathing was really hard, and a sense of contentness lingered. After the nine period I painted black and white with the black side having a silver horn, and the white side a golden horn. To symbolize Belials aspect of the being the innitatior right at the edge of the abyss, the one who travels through Da’ath from the light into darkness and back, the dayside and nightside of the tree. Silver being the more receptive/lunar symbolism whereas the golden it linked to the sun.

Anyways once the trial perios was done Belial has at times jumped to the forefront of my ascent and sometimes he has taken a step back, but he’s always there in some way ever since that day. It (the skull) still has a special place at my altar. At any rate now for the actual post I intended to deliver to you.

After giving my daily deotion to Lucifer Amyamon which I need to also find a vessel for I don’t know why the ask me to find vessels for them so far, but I won’t deny them their wishes. I felt Belials prescence build up through the vessel I’ve made for him and I had some questions one regarding and about devotion so;

  1. How would the operator conduct a proper offering in regards to incense?

Answer: once given as asacrifice, let it sit or rather extinguish on its own. Let it fill the room for as long as possibe until it dissapates on its own. Ths allows the sacrifice to be usurped [aborbed (?)] by the forces you’ve called, brining them closer to you and also making the veil that separates your individual consciousness grow thinner until your senses merge thus making posession and channeling more intimate, for both parties.

  1. What is the secret to [successful] spellcasting?

Answer: the secret lies not in forcing more power or will behind it, it’s allowing your desire of something to build, reaching a climax and then releasing it. Understand that the result is already yours, paying it no mind.

  1. Why would an operator partake in acts of devition, and what are those (I asked this because in a way this seems like submission, which ins’t something Belial is known to like)?

Answer: devotion are a series of acs or summoning or a spirit or force to inhabit you or an anhor made for it, This is to garner its liking to betow upon the operator its power and knowledge, through acts of devotion the operator anhor the force within paving the path for the spirit to possess his mind and thereby giving its keys to its domain to him.

4. What are acts of devotion?

Answer: directed attention, worship, offerings to the spirit or force, speaking its name and more importantly utilizing the instructions it give onto you.

  1. How long should one perform acts of devotion?

Answer: 30 days is usually enough, though in some cases it may be longer or it may be shorter, based on what kind of relationship the operator sets out to have. The more time invested the deeper the sorcerer travels into the crossroads and the more knowledge, power and secrets that the spirit holds will be revealed to him.

I thanked him for his information and he told me that he wanted me to get an item for him by tomorrow, he won’t reveal anything new to me until then. So when I know what the rite he intend for me is and why I need this I’ll update, with that I hope you enjoy this odd update. One more thing I don’t dismiss Belial he dismisses me he just dissappears whenever I call him these days. Here’s a thought of mine, the closer you become to a spirit the more the both surrender control and the dynamic of who is the operator or who is calling whom becomes more dynamic. You don’t boss, your friends around, with friends you either ask or you call in favors for one another why would a close relationship with a spirit be any different to a closer friendship with an actual person? I also think there’s no shame in being in control and order certain spirits to give you what you need, when it is needed , but if you want to learn the deepest secrets of a particular spirit a solid relationship has to be built before the teachings of the spirit can be given to you, as power and knowledge is not always given without something being expected from you in return.




The following event happened three days ago. The time had finally come to finish what I started, I thought I were done with Belial’s current but apparently I wasn’t. There has been quite a few incidents with Belial I haven’t journaled anything about but this time though I plan to change all that. At any rate after removing the idol of Lucifer Amaymon from it’s pedistal I instead placed the idol of Belial in it’s place and from there. And pretty quickly without having to give any real oration or incantation I could feel an amassing of spritual presence that quickly became very dense and not only that, Belial spiritual pressure is not only dense but vey electrifying, Belials prescence at least according to me always makes one feel pretty small. It doesn’t mean you are afraid it’s just his prescence is very dominant if I may so.

I greeted him and thanked him for coming to me. I asked him the following:

Q: How should I proceed with the working ahead of me?

A: Dedication to me is of the essence, dedicate to my teachings once more. Through the gates of Da’ath.

Q: Where or how should I start our working?

A: We will meet in the wilderness, where you will bring forth your most precious of things, which then shall be sacrificed at the altar of sin, fire and dusk. Once nothing of the earth binds you we shall then sign our pact in blood, smoke and shadows.

Then I shall raise you up as one of my own, and hand you my keys to power and also to crown you a king, but first you must come to me.

You may leave now.

And with that the conversation was over, I think I have a feeling what I should bring but I am not sure, I still need to figure exactly what is the most precious thing I have, because I have a few. There are also a few symbols in here which are incredibly interesting but until some other day, see you then.



Restless Awakening

As a sort of update to the previous post I think I get what I need to bring to the ocassion Belial talked about. I think things of very personal origin and attatchment will be the things, that Belial want me to sacrifice after the dedication rite. Which I’ll journal about later today. But first I should tell you about a rather surreal experience that happened in the middle of the night, close to 3 am to be exact.

I was laying in bed sleepless and was ridden with anxiety, these days that doesn’t happen all that often, it used to hapen to me a lot more when I was younger along with being restless. My boyfriend was sleeping soundly next to me, I didn’t want to use sleeping pills since I feel sick chugging those just to get some sleep at all. However the anxiety got so bad it was like physical pain inside my chest that I wondering what the hell was going on. After some thinking I drew the conclusion, that I had overdone my consumption of tea, and in addition I had visited my family that day I had also had some coffe which could explain the sleeplessness reasonable extent. Satisfied with that explaination I chugged some sleeping pills and try to get some sleep and again, I was laying there for what felt like an eternity.

I simply couldn’t find any rest and the knot of anxiety in my chest increasingly got worse, like it was this huge sawtoothed black hole slowly eaing away at the surrounding tissue in there. I while back while I was in therapy I learned writing my thoughts down, put words on my emotions that it will help process what I am feeling and it will to an extent help me relax a bit. So with that in mind I got up and did just that and went to the living room, where my temple is and what I wrote was in essence that I had been exeriencing sleeplessness for three days in a row, and when trying to fall asleep this anxiety and frustration would build and I to an extent felt very limited. I wanted to get up do something anything other than laying there trying to force myself to sleep. Plus in this anxiety ridden moment I was wondering current relationship if it meant to last, relationships to me usually don’t last that long to be honest, it sucks.

However I want my current one to last though I have a considerate partner, who lets me do pretty much what I want in my ascent except necromancy with human body parts, everything else he’s been sort of fine with.

Once done I made it back to the bed and laying there for a while to know didn’t get worse nor lessened it just somehow made itself known more, after doing thinking I felt like this isn’t normal something off and I felt like there was someone there demanding my attention. After ignoring it an internal flashes of images of me burning and destroying everything I owned and loved while spitting on everything that was dear tp me. I somehow knew this was Belial’s doing. I must be honest I really wasn’t in the mood to talk to him, not when I felt as shitty as I did in that moment so I more or less said;

Me: “leave me be. This is no the time.”

Belial: “You need to hear this…as of right now I think you understand exactly what you need to bring forth to our meeting.”

Me: “yes, I realize you want me to bring things that carry strong memories and meanings for me. Like my mother photo album of me…”

An image of me holding a knife against the throat of our cat flashed into my mind and I nearly panicked.

Belial: "You can’t let anything bind you, even your love for them, you are not human anymore you abandonned that path, their world is not for you. If you relationship is going to last he must become more resilient or he will perish with the onslaught of spritual force you will bring. You already have started to see the consequences. It’s torture to keep him in a state that would endanger him wouldn’t you say? "

My partner is having random nosebleeds every once in a while for these past two weeks, that didn’t alarm me very much until now as nosebleeds during winter time is common, or very thing blood vessels inside the walls of the nose are also a common cause. I think he says I am not human, of course I am I just shouldn’t try so hard to be normal but that I should instead embrace and make everything in my life magickal and not only that, walk as a god among men you can’t let anything bind you or stand in the way your vision of what you are tying to become this is hard at least to me it is, it’s hard to reconcile with in a smooth transition that is.

Me: “You can have anything else but you can’t have that, let me at least keep that.”

Belial: “You can have them but they can’t be the complete focus of your existence, your focus needs to be with us and yourself, not with them. The restrictions you’ve placed on yourself must be broken you can’t live as a free agent and a slave to the system at the same time, you must break free, break all promises and free yourself of your shackles. Don’t hold yourself back anymore. And final word for you, don’t keep me waiting.”

The prescence dissappeared and knot of anxiety started to unwind noticebly but also not to long at all was gone. There we have it folks one of the really nice signs of a spirit want to communicate a nice dose of anxeity and restless sleep.

I should mention during conversation occured with me laying on my back it’s easier to enter the TGS while laying on my back in the darkness of the night for me, probably because I way more relaxed. In the roof I noticed a face and a slight portion of the upperbody of reptilian demon like entity with black horns and face not unlike this:


But instead of the sigil it was like the skin held back erupting lava, it had cracks where raging fire were shining through, mostly in the chest area but also in the face. The imagery of the demon itself came in flashes, and an outline of an aura became visible as I focused more on it. Seeing spirits with my eyes open isn’t my speciality at all but this was an interesting occurance to be sure. Also the converstaion was done in a barely audible whisper from me and telepathic communication from Belial. And as per usual I don’t dismiss the gatekeepers the dissmiss you until you rise to power then they work with you, but they will not serve you as they are nt servants to you, you serve each other by becoming allies.

That’s all in this journal for now, I’ll update it later this was pretty not very plesant at all but I won’t shy away from the uncomfortable stuff this.

Itz Ra’Cha Belial





Innitiation - Tearing Away

I felt like giving important events a title, might work a summary so your can gauge wether or not it’s worth your time. The title is named as it was a form of innitiation of Belials, he’s known as the worthless one and without a master among other titles. Today he taught me one of the first true steps asI teared through and destroyed all of my video games, and a concole that they belonged to, along another hobby called MTG - I teared all of the cards the pieces and threw away along with that I had cut in half. During the process initially it wasn’t hard but further alogn to tearing the last cards of my favorite deck it hurt a lot, I really didn’t want to do it. A voice inside of my mind through the process more or less told me stop as there was a lot of money going to waste, torn to shreds before my eyes by my own hands. It was powerful and truamtiing lesson in that if you want to control and master the world around you, you can’t let any physical thing bind you. it’s because it occupies your attention and mind and therefore is a distraction which is not needed and doesn’t serve you in your own becoming as much as it hurt its a relief to an extent that it’s been dealt with. However it’s far from over - once I had torn, and thrown away those meaningful things to me. I kneeled infront of my altar and I knew Belial was watching me and I said:

Me: Belial I’ve torn and destoryed my childhood, the things that was a part of the man I once was but I am not more, accept this as a sacrfice and as a sign of my dedication to you.

Belial: it’s start but it isn’t over by any means you still have things you need to learn how to let go. Prepare the pact. For the next next step will be for you to sign and seal it once you you’ve broken the chains of the earth that hold you in your shackles.

With that the conversation was over. I sThe strange part is for a moment after the conversation I felt really down for a bit, but I realize that this was an important thing for me to go through. It’s a part of the process, I can’t enter through Da’ath if I still stuck with the idea that money, physical things, entertainment are of any use to me, they aren’t. It doesn’t matter to me anymore the pain is going away and I am about to experience a slight release from my own shackles.

To those who think tearing away or destroyig things whih you’ve invested time in, and bought yourself it’s painful but the more pain they more you’ll usually gain.

Until then, enjoy your journey.

Itz Ra’Cha Belial





Three major things have happened since my last post: an innitiation that was never disclosed for you all as of yet, a pact that made and signed, and a newly attained exercise was given that I’ve been instructed to do for thirty days. I’ll talk about these three things I’ll start with the pact the other things will be separate posts. With making and signing the pact, I’ll try to give you an outline that should work for everyone.

I’ll say this - long post ahead but I’ve tried to outline every step I felt was necessary to avoid confusion. However if you feel like you need to change the outline or some of the ingredients to suit your needs, do it. I used what I’ve found works very well according to my experience. I do however suggest you try the method I’ve attempted to outline below first if possible, then start tweaking it, if you, like I’ve said before, need to change something go ahead.

The oils though I recommend you to try and get as precisely as possible.

The idea of writing a pact with Belial for me took some consideration, I mean not only is he considered to be a badass spirit to work with, he’s pretty powerful and one should really know what one want to get out of a pact before jumping in. This took some time. At first I thought like some people do: power. One can never have too much of that. However I felt it was too small of a task so I had to look into what Belial does and what kind of spirit he is. And after looking over the outline of the pact disclosed in the book of Azazel I decided to follow a similar outline. I won’t disclose what I wrote, like the gritty details, as that can be used against me as it is my energetic signature that’s on there. I also it’s a thing between him and me as a pact is something very intimate. However I will talk about the method I used to make a pact that I felt was pretty potent and the general effects that happened to me as I signed it. However I’ll say that the things I wanted in return for my alliance with him along a time of whole hearted devotion to him, are not small.

As for the implements I used, those are:

A piece of paper, regular or parchment, I used the later as it helps with the asthetics and immersion. Technically I could’ve attempted to get my hands goatskin parchment but that isn’t cheap and not strictly necessary.

As for the amount of each ingredients, you’ll have to feel it out, as long as you use your intuition, you can’t go wrong.

Three sets of different oils: two of which are my own concoction, the numbers signifies the order of how mix the stuff together. Finally more thing whetever ingredient you feel like replacing with something else, go right ahead it’s your intuition that’ll tell you if you are on the right path.

Note: when I say crushed I mean - grounded into a powder.

The Oil’s:

Dragon’s Breath Oil (my recipe)


  1. Olive oil
  2. Marocco oil/cedar oil
  3. Dragon’s blood (powder/or resin (crushed)).
  4. Copal resin (crushed)
  5. Coal (crushed)
  6. Blood Jasper (crushed)
  7. Paprika powder
  8. Lavaneder Oil
  9. Cinnamon

Uses: consecration, pact making and empowerment of familiars, I haven’t been able to trest the other uses it suppsedly has. This concotion was given to my ba spirit - its said Belial earlier, however that wasn’t right I checked an old journal of mine, it was given himself by a spirit who’s called Nuht’zan a spirit that was sent to me about a year ago. His sigil look like this:

More info about him here: Recieved this: what do you think it is?

If you’d like to verify I got it from him as well as to see if he’s a spirit that real and you can work with.

The oil concoction is very useful and very powerful. When you consecrate your altar add s few drops this while feeding and feeling your familar, it should grow in power as well as change appeaerence. My familiar changed shape and appearence and started to grow faster as a result of using this. And the effects of conecrating a pact is pretty immense it feels like an energy blast

Tears of the abyss Oil - my recipe

  1. Olive oil
  2. Lavender oil
  3. Frankincense oil
  4. Coal (crushed)
  5. Blood (your own)

Used to amplify, strenghten and consecrate something the to demonic, the concotion has a very cool yet flaming feel to it, if you don’t believe me. Make this and see what kind of spirits that are attracted to it, along with what kind of energy it gives off.

The Consecration Oil - from the Mastering Black Magick Program) optional but not a must, the other two I felt were a bit more important.

After I had written up the pact, I signed it in my temple. You see you can do it outside as well as inside your temple, however since my temple is consecrated to the nine gatekeepers already, I didn’t feel the need to do a banishing ritual as I work with them reguarly. However you can never be too careful, especially if you wanna be sure to sign the pact with the designated spirit. To safeguard yours nd their interest do the Lesser banishing of the pentagram - propper or abridged version doesn’t matter, I am going to get some eyes rolled at me for this. You can subtitute the names of the four archangels with

Belial - South
West - Abbadon
North - Azazel
East - Amaymon

While you instead of moving clockwise as you would with the angels, face each direction begiinnign from the south and move counterclockwise. Why I say south is because I felt it was important to begin with th spirit you want to make a pact with first, more or less out of respect, then comes the others. It’s not very traditional I know.

Use this video the method he described is pretty much identical to the method he uses in the mastering evocation program.

Once banishing is taken care of no you have to consecrate the grounds where you stand on, the way I found was pretty effective is simply put by using this:

“Pater Noster, qui es in abyssus, potens nomen tuum.
Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in abyssus et in terra.
“Exorcizo te, creatura sanguis, in nomine Satan
omnipotentis, et in nomine Antichristus, et in virtute
Falsus Vates: ut fias sanguis exorcizata ad effugandam
omnem potestatem inimici, et ipsum inimicum
eradicare et explantare valeas cum angelis, et invito
omnem maleficus spirite; per virtutem veneficium
maleficus. Ilicet!”

Taken from- E.A Koetting. (2014), The Book of Azazel, p. 30.

This above was made available more or less to public a while back in this video, in case you wonder how you should pronounce it, it begins at 11:14:

Here’s where the Dragon’s breath oil come in, you sprinkle some of it in the area while reciting this, I suggest you memorize it, you don’t have to, you can recite it if you want to, however personally I find it distracting and it takes away the immersion of the ritual.

Once that’s taken care of, light three candles three red and place them in an equilateral triangle large enough to sit in. You can use red ribbons or thread as physical representation of this, or you can draw this triangle in the dirt while you are outside placing the candles at each corner forming a equilateral triangle, along with the Universal Circle. If you have a physical copy, great, if not I really recommend for complete beginners to do this rite outside and draw it in the dirt using a stick or whatever to make it, unless you have it in your posession. For more advanced or intermediate people, you may not have to use it - however I find it that it helps tremendously if you have it while evoking.

You’ll now stand or sit comfortably in the circle, while you gaze at Belial’s sigil, however that’s a bit superflous it should be more than enough to chant a conjuration + his name, like:

“Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu”


“Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu
Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza”

A set of 4 incantations are available to the public by E.A and are talked about in this video:

if I were you I’d beging with;

The incantation of summoning all magickal powers

“Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu
Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza”

and then when his prescence is felt, use this;

Incantation of demonic pacts (tacit or explicit).

“Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu”

Until the prescence has built critical mass, as in you can’t almost breath as it overwhelms the area.

If you feel it’s better using the first one I like to do it like this: incantation x3 + name and titles, like: *

Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu. x3 Belial come! You can also add some titles like:

Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu. x3 Belial come! Belial, worthless one, Kikg of the spirits of darkness, Guardian at the threshold of the byss, wanderer of wastelands of civilization, the abandonned one, without a master, lord of the earth, come!

Once you know he’s there with you, when you see him, feel him or whatever ways he’ll manifest, because at this point he’s there, there will be no doubt about it.

have the pact in the circle with and as you state your intent that you want to sign the pact, walk from the circle into the triangle and sit in it. Now you’ll consecrate the parchment to the powers of darkness, while citing this once more:

“Exorcizo te, creatura sanguis, in nomine Satan
omnipotentis, et in nomine Antichristus, et in virtute
Falsus Vates: ut fias sanguis exorcizata ad effugandam
omnem potestatem inimici, et ipsum inimicum
eradicare et explantare valeas cum angelis, et invito
omnem maleficus spirite; per virtutem veneficium
maleficus. Ilicet!" x 3

sprinkle the dragon’s breath oil onto the written pact. Once that is done read it aloud and finish off by asking, do you accept this pact between us?

If you feel a sense of excitement, releief , or the pressure in the air intensifying even more or if you can hear and see him, giving you a sign of his approval go ahead if you are clairvoyant and fill in the astral markings with a pen (use regular ink), on the line you’ve created for him to fill in his name, along with your name at the covenanter line, if you can’t see him, ask him to guide your hand and you should your hand lift near automatically if you are relaxed enough and let it moved across the paper by itself, as it is the man himself who guides your hand.

One last step left, instead of puncturing nedless wounds on your finger to sign your name in blood, as some people think is necessary I instead recommend you do this. Sign it with ink and then prick your finger once let one drop of blood come out of there and press your finger right next to your name. This will be the stamp of your signature in ink and in blood.

If you get an inkpot, you can use a little bit of it it in a separate bowl and then use the:
Tears of the abyss Oil mentioned earlier and drop a few drops of it into the ink, stir it and quill, pencil or whatever is pointy to sign your name with it. This is not a must; i did it because I felt it was important for me to do it that way, the same may not be true for you.

I used the consecration oil by E.A first dropping a few drops of this onto the pact (optional)and then followed it up by while chanting Belial’s song while a few drops the tears of the abyss oil (highly recomended) on the written pact while chanting:

Itz Ra’cha Belial x 3, repeat this multiple times until you feel it’s no longer needed.

As for my experience with this, what can I say I felt Belial’s energy invading the temple it was very fiery, chaotic but radiant and solid. As for the messages he gave me, they were different than usual however he was satisfied with me doing this and told me:

“Finally, you come. I’ll teach you once more but this time I expect you to adhere every word I say and I want you to listen closely. If you want the keys to my kingdom as well as an alliance you must be ready in body and mind and spirit, I’ll refine your mind and spirit first.”

With that he gave me a really simple exercise, in fact it seems way too simple along with words:

In order to master the art of influence, you reach must extend everywhere, you’ll begin by constantly expanding energy body in every direction, and keep this state throughout the day, you’ll tire but you’ll grow as a result, do this for 30 days. Once accomplished I’ll beging handing you the keys to my kingdom along with my secrets of power. Leave this temple now and accomplish this first and once it’s done we shall speak again.

Since I recieved I have yet to implement it starting today.

One final note: while composing the oils, take your time feeling out each ingredient with your left hand over each ingredient, feeling its quailities and properties for a bit, then set aside and repeat the process with every ingredient before mixing them together. Once you’ve done so, mixed them together, say somethign along the lines of:

Your name is (f.e. Dragon’s breath oil), I set you aside and consecrate you, you belong the god within and you’ll come when you are called.

That’s about all I can think as for how I did it. Every pact is different and what worked for Belial, may not work with other entities, also note some of the titles above are not deemed legit by some, like the Lord of the Earth or without a master. I’ll say use whatever works, scour the web if you have to, to find out for yourself his my names and titles and use them, that’s all I’ll say.

I hope it will work as well for you as it did for me. I’m pretty sure however you’ll experience something, let me know what you think, and how it worked for you, hopefully as well as it did for me.

However I don’t want to affect or alter the result of your experience. FYI if you are interested in a more detailed explaination of which let me know.

Forever becoming

How to Channel (For Beginners) - why it is important, good for you and how to do it


In my previos post I mentioned that Belial ina message gave me a new exercise, the message he gave me was:

I thought he meant just sitting somewhere like in my temple and feeling my energy body expand in and out, for a few minutes. I was wrong what apparently meant for me to do was instead this:

The following exercise oly requires visualization/imagination to perform. You have to connect with yourself at a very deep level and get in touch with your aura/energy bodies once you feel it all over you, continue to expand endlessly, with every exhale your energo body expands outwards in every direction, and with every inhale with your will you keep the expanded energy field in place with your will, compsing your will for the next push. Keep expanding outside the place you live, the block, the city, the country, the planet, our solar system and to the very edges of the cosmos - this way of expansion was pretty much identical to the first part of the Ignition of the Black sun Exercise but Kurtis Joseph except instead of keeping it through the rite, you now instead are expected to hold this expanded state for as long as you possibly can. My current time lies around 30 min and I am really tired as a result.

If you ar not tensing up in anyway and doing it right your going to feel serious acitvity in the binduh/zeal - and ajna chakra. Along with feeling almost clastrophobic that there’s not enough room for you. Imagining and feeling this exercise takes time, once are expanded that way set a timer I’d suggest you try hold it for 30 min - I get the feeling like that it’s important. However you want to be able to do anything, walk, pet an animal, cook food without disrupting this state but first just somewhere like your temple and do this. I know I feel tired but my overall aura or rather feeling of it is surging. Despite feeling mentally and spiritually drained in a way.

The exercise I got from Belial is by no means easy, at least not for me. You see I was wrong what are really supposed to do with the exercise. Now you know, try it for yourself I am going to do once a day for thirty days.

I’ll have to ask him why this exercise is even important, is like an intense spiritual gym workout.