Temptation of the "Light Side"

Hi all! I wanted to make this thread a few weeks back, but I didn’t because the draw from angels went away…

So sometimes I get this strong draw towards working with angels, picking up something from Damon Brand, study Enochian magick, etc., but I feel like the LHP is THE Path I have to take in this life. I know that not all angels are associated with the abrahamic divinity/divinities and some can even teach you black magick, but I still have my doubts. I heard of a case where someone was referred to work with angels by demons and although I see it as something possible I also heard of cases where satanists or black magicians “turn christian”…

The thought of that last part feels really repulsive (for I have intense hatred for those divinities) - is it common for people working with darker entities to get this pull towards the “Light”?

Just go grey, and from what I’ve read it’s way less common for the light to call out to the dark ones then it is for the darkness to call out to the light ones, and yea I lol’d when I read Satanist turning Christian but I have brought one to church befor he talked o my friend’s dad the whole time about the Illuminati and the mason’s I don’t think he actually told him he was a mason though. Just my opion you should re think that hatred and place it towards the people that did the wrong not there gods might make working with light easier in general but then again they could have just been following orders but the main church hasn’t allowed anyone’s writting of God’s word for like 1950 years so hard to tell if what they did was in allighnment with God exc. Myself I like o tell Christian that they need o think of Satan as just hella cool and if they ever meet him to expect that.

Yes, but so what? People change their paths all the time. Just because someone is a Satanist doesn’t mean they have to stay a Satanist. There is no rule declaring so, and it doesn’t mean an angel converted them.

A surprisingly high percentage of people who go through the Abramelin Operation and receive the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, for example, become “black brothers” (if you aren’t familiar, the Abramelin Operation is a mystical six month long operation requiring purification, fasting, and prayer).

I work with angels and demons and I’m neither Christian nor Satanist, and no entity has ever tried to convert me to one side over the other because, in all honesty, there are no sides to take.


I’d go further than many on here and say that UNLESS you can work with both, you’re not truly into godhood, you’re just following cult dogma and losing half the power of creation/destruction. This is the guidance I have gotten from spirits, over and over again, in my own quest to command the powers of a goddess, in my lifetime.

The image of Shiva Nataraja is the best image of true godhood in human form I can think of. Create, preserve, destroy, veil and reveal. Etcetera.

And the Christ imagery comes from an earlier concept of the Ascended GodMan, so while it’s got baggage now, it also has a lot of magickal value and power, the erasure of all information on the cult of Mithras lends credibility to this because someone did NOT want that information found and used as a pathway of ascent.

The genocide of the Druids by the Romans, who feared them, and the gradual split of leadership into Church AND State (instead of the head of state being also possessor of priestly authority, as was the case with Pharoahs) is part of the general descralisation and schism of our human society into worker drones who have no spiritual autonomy, who outsource even basic spirit communication, and a small elite which hoards knowledge and spreads lies. I mean, this is controversial stuff for some folks, and I’m still researching more deeply, but this is what I am finding over and over again. :man_shrugging:

The King embodies the people and by walking in sacred power, sacralises them in the flesh, right here on earth.

Castrating the head of the church with celibate priests and turning the King into an empty figurehead (or eliminating them completely) broke that established link of the Divine Man who belongs to the people. The heavenly flesh, the pinnacle of his society, reduced to a fucking piece of biscuit.


I work with both and it’s great. Why let preconceived notions get in the way of your work? LHP is primarily egoistic; you can work with angels for selfish reasons, it’s not going to turn you into a Christian (meaning absolutely no offence to anyone who identifies this way). If anything, working with angels has only strengthened my belief that god = self, and nothing could really be further from mainstream religions which worship an external power.

Also I feel pretty confident saying angels won’t bat an eye if you use them for selfish or “mundane” reasons. The same way there are demons who can heal or cause love, there are doubtlessly angels who can fuck someone up or remove them from your life.


Thank you for this answer - yeah, I kinda had a tunnel-vision with this. I think I’ve read about getting in contact with the Holy Guardian Angel, but in that text you had to get a child who would act as a medium for the whole operation :thinking:

When I found out that Raziel is my Guardian Angel and contacted him to say hi, one of the first things he said was “You judge angels too harshly. Not all of us are in servitude to that who you hate.” and I know he’s right, it’s just kinda hard to accept…


I didn’t truly “get” angels until Dorr asked me “if you were to be the angel of some thing on earth, what would you chose?” which led to this:


The child thing is because in the time the text was supposedly written, it was believed children of a certain age were natural seers. If you develop your own abilities, no child is required, and there are many modern descriptions of people’s experiences with it, including EA Koetting’s, in which no children were involved.


Some time in the future I’m thinking about working with the Sephiroth, after initiating through the Qliphoth, it’s tunnels and veils and by following Kurtis Joseph I’ve seen a really balanced way in working with both side - my main problem lays with the “One Father and One Prophet” imagery. I started reading Hermetic texts and they filled in a lot of gaps and validated a lot of my past experiences, but when I see the word God or the word Spirit, I immediately think of the abrahamic deity instead of the (as I call them) All-Source or the Great Mind.

I accept that this imagery has it’s power, otherwise the old RHP grimoires would be pretty useless :sweat_smile: Still if I’d work with the Right Hand Path, I’d do so with the All-Source without calling on abrahamic prophets or deities… As I see it, this is just a point in time in my journey and from experience my views can change radically. If I look at this a certain way I’m breaking myself down and separating from the source through deification, and later I could reunite with the divinity - “solve et coagula” I guess.

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Still, I petitioned Merihim to liberate me from the influence of the deities mentioned above, permanently. It just doesn’t sit right with me, my instincts would be screaming all the time…

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Yeah I think it was in a collection of magickal history, “Mágia” by Yliaster Daleth, that book quoted some really old sources.


Abrahamic stuff is anti-human and the vast majority of humans who have ever lived and practiced magick didn’t engage with it, most never heard of it, and practiced before it started, or before it become popular.

If you can get a copy of the book Miracle Of New Avatar Power by Geof Gray-Cobb, even though it;s cheesy, you ight want to take a look at it, it suggests a different timeline for humanity than the idea we had no real religions until some desert dude started causing a fuss.


I think I’ve seen this post before and the only word I can say about it is ‘marvelous’ :smile: Your thread really made me think when I first read it, but I kinda forgot about it…

I snatched one copy when I found it, but haven’t gotten around to read it. The only things I knew about it is it’s working with angels and you have to read the whole book to initiate through it. Other than that I don’t really know why I wanted to get it - sometimes I just hoard information and resources…


a black magician can be christian…they’re not mutually exclusive, black magician is just an edgy title people like to call themselves to signify their magickal practice, christian is a religion. A black magician can be christian lol, just like witches can now be christian. Satanists are more times than not former christians.


:dart: My sentiments exactly. :smile:


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First of all, you need to be true to yourself!

You can ask for the opinions of others until you’ve hit the nail dead on the head - what matters most is YOU feel good about yourself and your own path. There is no wrong or right way.

For me, I learn from the Dragon path but my arrow points towards Egypt. The minute you recognize the pathway for your life, you’ll tap into unknown sources of strength. :dart:

Though, I would advise you to learn from the rivers. It’s all I will say.