Thank you Belial for my new temple you have given to me to bring my ascent forth. I feel truly blessed to have such a good mentor that provided me the tools necessary to become a powerful being on this Earth. Tonight i summoned Belial to welcome him into my temple. He brought Sallos, Azazel, and i evoked Mammon. 4 of them brought me astrally somewhere, some type of temple of their own and each touched me while blessing me with their powers. I feel incredible right now and just had to share. My third eye is literally pulsating and I wont close. Blessed. Heres a pic of the temple, so much to do to it.


WOW!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Stunning and inspiring, thank you! :smiley:


Looks great :+1:t2:.


Very nice but the chair doesn’t fit at all.

Very powerful. I can feel it even just by looking at the picture. Your reality is my dream. Thank you for sharing that!


Thanks! Lol what do you mean? Physically or the look?

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@Rcs4215 the look lol, it’s a completely different style from the rest of your temple

I have to say, the chair was a thing I like about it - helps to keep your spine straight and not slumped for the energy to flow cleanly, no heavy back and arms blocking the view or flow in the Temple, but no sore knees and bum from kneeling or sitting on the floor for long periods… JMO! :smiley:

I have a fitness ball thing somewhere and it kind of made me think of using that more near my working altar for the same reasons. :thinking:


Haha yes youre right. I cant sit indian style because of 9 screws that I have in my right ankle, so mats and yoga chairs were out of the question. I weigh 275 so kneeling sucks, that chair is so comf and i can somewhat kneel but be very comfy… not many options out there i spent weeks looking.

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Exactly! @Lady_Eva sure you are not an entity yourself?:thinking: lol. It aligned my chakras perfectly. I am a believer in keeping your feet flat on the floor but sitting feels so that was an adjustment however by the time that I was finished it worked out fine. Typically I draw energy from the Earth through my feet to begin any meditation, I drew it from my breath instead this time, took a few minutes but I managed to make it work the same way with a little imagination :wink:

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@Rcs4215 That’s great I remember when you said you went to ea koettings bootcamp and you guys evoked belial for your new apartment and temple. Congrats many years success coming your way

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I evoked Belial and asked for the new apart about 2 months prior to going to the bootcamp. But thank you very much brother, appreciate it.

Yeah for kneeling chairs, i have one at home and one at work! I use the one at home in my practice as well- entities get the couch, my “altar” is the coffee table, and i sit across the coffee table on my knee chair.

Your space looks comfy as hell and makes me want to throw out the whole contents of my house :laughing:


Looks absolutely amazing!! Congratulations Rob


LMAO! Thank you. I was on cloud9 last night. I performed Bija Mantras for about 15 minutes to get the vibrations going, and in a wooden floored vaulted ceiling 15x15 room, the place was shaking. I is my new home withing my home :slight_smile:

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Thank You

I am trying to get a Goetia Evocation circle made but cannot seem to find means. My art skills are shit LOL. And when something does not look nice, it legit distracts me during rituals. Also looking for the triangle. Or I was thinking of putting a large scrying mirror against the wall and can put the incense on the floor.

right now I have a large Buddha tapestry en route along with a dragon mirror with 2 candle holders on each side. So much to do :slight_smile:

Why would you want to try a goetic approach of evocation if the EA (polite) methods are working fine for you??

I’m asking a serious question, are the king Solomon methods of evocation more powerful??

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I do not follow any 1 practitioners methods. Any TRUE practitioner does not tell you that their way is the only way, and if they do, stay far and clear from them after you take what information you want from them. I always combine methodological approaches to anything that I do. Sometimes I combine candle magick with an evocation if my intuition tells me to for no reason.

Since you are an EA fan, so you know, when I met him and we did workings, everything he did was not nor ever is the exact same way. He does all magick by his intuition. Which is why each persons bootcamp experience is different. You and I can do the same ritual, but in a different place or in a different setting. I have always done it the same, go with what your intuition tells you to do. Your astral spirit will guide you the right way.

Hey I started all of this and going backwards. I was renting a bedroom not more then a month ago, and while everyone else was using all of these tools, I had no space to try full evocations, so I just used a candle, sigil, and myself. Now I am building up everything else because I feel it will empower me more. Just as an example.


Thx for the answer man!!

I was asking because I genuinely wanted to know if you think that the king Solomon methods are more potent…

Oh and I’m far less than an EA fan… tbh I often find myself cringing at some of the videos on his YT channel :joy:

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