Temple Tapping To Unlock Mental Skills

I’ve read lots of novels where the protagonists can conveniently set a “mental alarm clock” that wakes them at the time of their choosing, but had never been able to do it myself.

Huictiigara helped me for a while, but then we seemed to get diminishing returns, and anyway I wanted to do this myself, since it seems like a real thing people can learn on their own.

Recently, at last, I’ve been having some success waking 5 - 15 minutes ahead of the alarm, using this method: just before sleeping, I tap my right temple quickly and kind of medium pressure with the first two fingers of my right hand, while repeating “I will wake up before the alarm goes off, wide awake and happy” three times.

I tried being more specific (“in three hours’ time” or “at 2.30am”) but that format seems to work best, I don’t count the taps and usually over-run the tapping by a few seconds after I’ve finished repeating the statement.

I just kind of plucked this out of thin air, or maybe it’s based on something I read then forgot, but it’s been working great.

The good thing is it seems to wake me at the right point during the different sleep phases, so I’m not half asleep still - unlike a normal alarm.

I’m mentioning it because it MAY be usable to unlock other mental faculties that you read about people having but can’t seem to find in yourself - clairvoyance, clairaudience, even precognitive dreams maybe?

A few nights ago I set mine to deliver the answer to something in a dream - no dreams occurred, BUT a few hours into the morning I happened across the answer from a very unexpected source.

It’s borderline, but I’m counting that as a possible win for the system, like EFT tapping that’s delivered information from unexpected sources that helped with the issue I tapped on.

Second thing, for a moment turn off the part of your brain that makes images of what you read.

No, really.

Okay me and my partner discovered this week that making clockwise small stroking motions round our nostrils for about a minute or so induces a state of complete blissed out relaxation - in both of us.

Yeah, like I said, don’t go there with the mental imagery, but anyway if you try it at home, you want the pressure to be between so annoyingly light it tickles, and too heavy so it drags on your skin.

Begin on the right side beneath your nose, under the outer edge of your nostril, sweep gently across below your nose, up the curve of your left nostril, turn over the tip of your nose, and down the right, then repeat - all the pictures of nostrils online are gross but this should give you some idea, this is how it would look if you looked in the mirror:

I’m only sharing this because it seems to act like a sedative - I was given tramadol once for back pain and it’s that intense a drop into mental and physical relaxation, only nice and not as smothering as those pills.

It works if you do it, and it works slightly better if someone else does it, and we both had the same effect (though his could have been somewhat primed by my own experience, kind of like a placebo effect).

I suspect the high number of nerve endings in the nose, being touched on both sides in close succession and so close to the brain, acts a bit like those Hemisync recordings or something - and (importantly) because it boosts the effect of temple-tapping as a mental alarm-clock, so it MIGHT help with using the tapping to boost other abilites, call forth precognitive dreams, etc.

Or, maybe we’re just weird, but anyway, it’s free, fun, and probably can’t hurt anyone! :slight_smile:

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So, I’ve given the noggin tapping technique a try. Something’s happening. I tried it to improve my clairaudience and clairvoyance, so that I can more easily hear and see the spirits that I communicate with. I can’t say that it’s changed my ability to hear or see (yet?), but now, when someone’s trying to get through to me, I get a headache, and the place where I tapped throbs a bit. I suppose that’s progress. Now to find that thing to push it over the finishing line.

This is like something out of a British sitcom.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with this (yeah, mental imagery OFF again, pls folks!) and maybe you could try doing the nose thing, which works best if you consider it purposeless and don’t wait for the chilled-out feeling to start by the way (it’s like a watched pot never boils).

Then break for a few minutes, then use the same kind of pressure, only a simple side to side motion, between and slightly above your brows - “third eye” area.

I had some interesting visions doing this and also one of my “invisible counsellors” (this stuff) interrupted me to tell me something.

They can’t usually do that, so it was pretty interesting, and the info was valid.

So, all this nose-stroking and stuff does seem to be doing something, even if it’s just making my imaginary friends get a bit livelier… holy fuck that sounds crazy, but hell, whatever works! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried the temple tapping thing in regards to hearing my spirits better and woke up hearing a womans dying screams audibly in my mind.Um yeah that could be just coincidence though.